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The legacy of the club, the marquee players, and the black striped red jersey gave a feel that none other club had. But, what happened to this gigantic club?

AC Milan is considered as one of the most phenomenal football clubs in the history of the game. A team that had silverwares one after another in the past just lost its way somewhere and somehow. They were the giants from Italy, and a team to gamble in UEFA Champions League. The legacy of the club, the marquee players, and the black striped red jersey gave a feel that none other club had. But, what happened to this gigantic club? What were the reasons for this sparkling fire settling into ashes? This article is all about the decline of the AC Milan football club. 


After the win in 2007 UEFA Champions League, AC Milan just lost its way altogether. The legacy had aged, the past had shrunk, the fire had extinguished. Legends in the team either left the club or bid farewell to the game. Notable names were Paolo Maldini, Kaka, Cafu, Nesta, Pirlo, Gatusso etc. The new lot was not capable enough to fill in the shoes of these legends, and thus the decline. It was more of a management flaw, as the club spent money on short term replacements rather than investing on to the new lot. They signed players which failed to deliver, and were released in following seasons. The decision making was not upto the mark, and the emerging talent was not capable of carrying the burden on their shoulders. All in all, the backbone of the club was injured with the absence of marquee players, and it led to their decline. 


Silvio Berlusconi’s long ownership of the club brought numerous benefits. The downfall started when he lost interest in the club endeavours and concentrated his efforts towards political career. In 2017, his tenure ended and a new Chinese Businessman, Mr. Li brought the stakes of AC Milan with promises of big investments. During the next 2 years, club invested heavily on the transfers, but the fortunes didn’t change. But one thing did change, the financial condition. AC Milan went into serious debt as they failed to validate their earnings against their spendings. They also faced a ban from European football. Owners changed, but still no good to the club. 


The management issue in the club dented their chances to a great extent. Since Massimo Allegri’s last stint at the club in 2012/2013 season, AC Milan changed managers as frequently as we change clothes. Clarence Seedorf replaced him, followed by Filippo Izaghi next year. After a dismal performance, Izaghi was sacked making way for Sinisha Mihajlovic. The next season was spearheaded by Vincenzo Montella, followed by Gennaro Gattuso. Gattuso was the only one amongst all the previous managers who lasted more than one season. This frequent change in management turned out to be one of the reasons for the decline of AC Milan.

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