All Of Us Are Dead

Another Korean TV show made headlines for breaking the Netflix viewership records. In other words, the sky is blue. “All of us are dead” sets a new benchmark for the streaming platform.


The Korean culture has taken Netflix by storm. Squid games and Hellbound turned out to be great hits one after another. After these previous successes, presenting you a South Korean zombie-themed thriller, “All of us are dead”. Directed by Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-Su, this Netflix thriller has become the most-watched TV show since its release on Jan 28.


The show “All of us are dead” starts with a zombie outbreak in a high school in South Korea due to a failed science experiment. The attack spreads rapidly and takes the whole city under the influence. Then some students hide from this apocalypse, waiting for adults to come and save them, only to find out that they are on their own. On-jo (Park Ji-hu) and Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) are two friends stuck in such a situation with a small group. The group also has On-jo’s crush, Su-hyeok (Park Solomon), and his crush Nam-era (Cho Yi-Hyun).

The only thing worse than being trapped at school during the zombie apocalypse is going through it with a crush who doesn’t want to kiss you — even on the brink of death.” 


The best part of the storyline is its ability to keep the eyes stuck to it. The show “All of us are dead” doesn’t let you get bored. Binge-watching all 12 hours at once doesn’t seem like a problem. The cinematography is on point. Scenes involving chase and avoidance to get bitten from zombies ensure that the audience doesn’t get bored. Moreover, the teenage tension amongst the group involving secret crushes adds to the already substantial thrill.  

The story of survival and hardships is a must-watch for all zombie lovers. You can find season one streaming on Netflix.

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