Apple Ecosystem – How They Locked You

Apple is the leader in Information Technology, the largest of all companies. It has been running ahead of every other brand for quite a few years now. With Samsung, Huawei, Google, Xiaomi, etc., in the line, Apple has always been ahead. What is it that Apple does better than all these brands? It’s the products and the selling of these products. Apple connects all its products in ‘Apple’s ecosystem.’ It promises an enhanced experience to the users through its ecosystem. It locks you into that system and makes your life very convenient. This ecosystem compels users to buy more and more Apple products and sync them with existing devices. For instance, a person with having iPhone wishes to buy an iMac, Airpods, iPad, iPod, and whatnot. This article is about how Apple’s ecosystem ties its users with the brand. 


The ecosystem makes all the Apple products you own valuable. This system combines Apple ID, Bluetooth, and other technologies making your products work simultaneously. For instance, you buy a new pair of Airpods, and your iPhone recognizes it and gives you an option to set it up. Once you do that, the Airpod setup is available on your Mac and all other devices. Similarly, iMessage works the same way, and a message received on your iPhone pops up on your Apple watch. The documents you save in iCloud are retrievable on iMac. 


One technology involved in the ecosystem is Bluetooth. Apple has worked to enhance its Bluetooth to such an extent that now you don’t necessarily need to open specific tabs for connection. You buy a new iPad, and as soon as you open it, the nearby Apple devices will detect it with Bluetooth, and you will receive an advertisement to set up. Whenever these devices pair with each other, they send messages that are end-to-end encrypted. These messages are for making it work for your use. Bluetooth also allows hand-off. You can do that when you are doing something on one device, like writing an email on iPhone, and feel like doing the rest of it on iMac. The Bluetooth will transfer your registered email to another device. If the file you need to move is larger than the Bluetooth’s capacity, it uses peer-to-peer WiFi, a Wireless connection between only those two Apple devices.


If your work is there on iCloud, there is no need to transfer data anywhere. All of your devices connected to iCloud can easily pick up your work from there. Moreover, Airdrop is also an essential part of the Apple ecosystem. You can Airdrop pictures and other stuff from your iPhone to your friends and family. For that to happen, the senders and receiver’s devices must recognize the contact details, and then it will make it happen. All this process is secured and end-to-end encrypted. Apple has undoubtedly made life easy by making a secure connection between all your devices. It is how Apple locks a consumer in its chain of networks and makes vast sales out of it.

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