Artificial Intelligence In Sports

Artificial Intelligence is the future. This statement has become outdated, to say the least, because AI is not the future anymore; it is present. Commercial platforms have already acquired Artificial Intelligence to yield significant profits. And now, other industries are encapsulating AI with them. This technology has also become an integral part of sports. In other words, Artificial Intelligence has changed the ways of modern sports. It has raised interest, made the games fair, and improved the accuracy of results. This article exhibits different ways in which AI has transformed your favorite sport.


Artificial Intelligence has eliminated the most major problem present in every sport. This problem is the accuracy of decisions made by referees/umpires. In the past, many football games ended with a conspiracy due to controversial decisions. These decisions on the field changed the actual results. With the addition of AI, technology accumulates everything. When a referee is unsure about a decision in football games, he refers to the VAR (Virtual assistant referee). The VAR then uses AI to determine the overall situation and give results accordingly. In football, VAR technology is also present in other sports such as basketball. The NBA is one of the most competitive leagues globally, and the smallest of decisions matter a lot. AI has ensured fair passage of play. Cricket uses the technology to make crucial leg decisions before wickets and run-outs.


Artificial intelligence has taken a sportsman’s fitness to another level. Now, a player knows the exact amount of nutrients he needs, the diet he has to take, and the exercises he needs to perform. AI measures a player’s requirement based on the sport he plays and his role. For instance, a fast bowler will have a different diet than a batter. This AI technology comes in wearables, which players use during their practice sessions. The technology also determines individual strengths and weaknesses so that the player can work on them. Opposition teams also use AI to glance at your weaknesses and plan accordingly.


The exciting use of AI in the sports industry is its ability to predict the winner of the game before it starts. The technology measures the previous statistics and performances of individuals and teams, and it forms a prediction based on that. There are a lot of factors that AI considers, including current form, conditions, crowd support, etc., and predicts the result based on these factors. Most of the time, the predictions stand out correctly.


Another important problem solved by AI technology is ticketing. The previous selling tickets didn’t work as the black ticket mafia used to be on hype. It resulted in over-crowding, as the seats in a stadium are limited. Therefore, now the management uses AI to sell tickets so that every key has some QR code which eliminates the possibility of forge tickets. Moreover, every ticket must contain the buyer’s information to negate the blacking of tickets. Ticket refunding (if needed) is also very easy with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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