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Crime thrills, until you are the victim.

In this world, there are good people and bad people. It is due to bad people that crime prevails on the planet. Let’s assess what crime means to different groups of people. Criminals? Job. Police? Project. Governments? Headache. Common citizens? Fear. Filmmakers? CONTENT.

Crime thrillers are one of the most-watched genres on television. Some of these are so beautifully crafted that they can be watched a hundred times without getting bored. The game’s getting bigger. A crime-based movie is good, but a crime series is awesome!

In this piece, we’ve covered the top 5 Best crime series on Netflix that you might binge-watch in a day.

best crime series on Netflix Mind Hunter


Mindhunter is all about catching murderers and finding out why they did what they did. Seems quite dull? Well here’s a twist, it’s based on truth! Created by Joe Penhall and starring Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany (as Holden Ford and Bill Tench) as lead characters, this series is a must-watch for all crime lovers. 

Produced by David Fincher, the tv show is based on 2 seasons with a total of 19 episodes. The story revolves around two FBI agents from the FBI’s behavioral science unit from the 1970s. Moreover, both of these agents set out to interrogate the most dangerous serial killers of the time about the murders they did. Through these investigations, they made a profile that would help the FBI to arrest more of these kinds of criminals. The series takes you into a history full of hideous crimes and serial killers that can make your minds boggle! A must-watch for all the lovers of this genre.


A fictional story of one of the most powerful criminals of all time in actual, Pablo Escobar. Created by Chris Brancato and Carlo Bernard, Narcos is based on three seasons with ten episodes in each season. 

The first two seasons revolve around Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) who rises from slums in Columbia and gets into the business of cocaine. He establishes himself as a black marketer and soon becomes a drug kingpin. His business grows and he creates his empire. He gets through all the stoppages caused by his rivals and tackles the DEA. Pablo was good to those who obeyed him and merciless against the traitors. Pablo’s journey ends in the second season, while the third season revolves around DEA following his rival, Cali Cartel. To sum up, a worth watching crime series on Netflix for sure.

Breaking Bad

Created by Vince Gilligan, this American crime drama is famously claimed as the best drama ever to be premiered on television. This show revolves around Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), an underpaid Chemistry lecturer who is suffering from stage-three lung cancer. The drama is spread over 5 seasons with a total of 62 episodes. 

Walter white faces financial distress due to his low salary and gets into the drug business. With the help of his student Jesse Pinkman, he produces crystal meth and sells it in the market. His blue meth is considered the purest of all and attracts the American market. He takes up the name of Heisenberg to remain undercover. However, he grows at odds with his family, the DEA, and other rivals that impose threats on his life. For more, watch this series available on Netflix.


An American crime drama based on three seasons, Ozark is one series that critics term as ‘worth watching’. Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, Ozark consists of 30 episodes in total. The fourth and fifth seasons are unreleased yet, which will be made up of 14 episodes combined. 

The plot revolves around a money-laundering family, headed by Jason Bateman (Marty) and Laura Linney (Wendy). The money-laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel in Chicago fails. The financial advisor, Marty decides to relocate his family to Lake of Ozarks in central Missouri. During their mission, the Byrde family faces resistance from local criminals and a major city Mafia. Y’all go and catch up with the series if haven’t watched it already. The best thing is that it isn’t over yet, and more episodes are coming soon on Netflix.

Money Heist

La Casa De Papel or Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama created by Alex Pina. The show is based on 4 seasons, with a two-part fifth season to be released soon. 

The first two seasons are based on a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain. The heist is led by the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte), and his team consists of 8 people, all called by the name of cities as code-names. The heist continues for days and the team has to deal with hostages and police. After the heist, all the members are ordered to hide in different parts of the world and prepare for the next heist. Further, In the third season, the team returns for a heist to The Bank of Spain. Once again, the group faces challenges with hostages and Police. The story has a lot of twists and turns that always keep you guessing. In short, a worth watching crime series on Netflix!

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