electro magnetic pulse

With mind-blogging advancements in technology, China has presented its superiority in the military as well. The Chinese military has developed an electro magnetic pulse weapon, which could be very deadly for their rivals. And this is just a start—a start towards what the excellence of this highly gifted nation can bring to this world. The best thing about electro magnetic pulse is that you can not defend against it if you aren’t an electro magnetic pulse-equipped defense. China now can not only defend itself against an E.M.P. attack but can also counter-attack with blatant force.

An E.M.P. Missile:

The first Chinese electro magnetic pulse weapon is a missile that could travel about 3000 kilometers in less than 25 minutes. This missile can travel within the earth’s atmosphere to negate any warning system installed. The development of this missile came under China’s most active ballistic missile development program. The main feature of this missile is that it does not harm humans. When it reaches its target, it releases energy in the form of an electro magnetic pulse, which passes through humans without providing any harm. So this missile does not pose any threat. No. What it does is way more harmful. It disrupts and burns all the telecommunication and electric wires and stations in its way. Nowadays, every country is dependent on energy, i.e., electricity. Transportation, water, infrastructure, telecommunication, etc., everything is dependent on electricity.

E.M.P. can release 95% energy in 10 seconds, effectively damaging all electrical lines immediately. This attack can cause a blackout in its target area, which would damage the system of that particular area. And the enemy wouldn’t even know what’s coming towards them. The missile travels at a hypervelocity which forms a cloak of heat around its body to absorb radar radiations. And the fact that China has it, the U.S.A. must be the worried nation, and they are. Reports on how China could launch a blackout attack on the U.S.A., destroying its technical reserves, started circulating as soon as China did its first test.

An E.M.P. Aircraft Defense:

China recently developed an advanced electro magnetic pulse weapon that successfully took down an uncrewed aircraft in a field test. That aircraft was flying at 1,500 meters above sea level. They didn’t disclose the time and location of the trial. The experiment is China’s first electro magnetic pulse weapon test of competing with the U.S. U.S.A. had its E.M.P. weapon test with a weapon that could take down several drones at a time. They claimed it to be a significant advancement in their military defense.  China replied with an aircraft defense weapon, so the nip of superiority is getting flatter day by day. Interesting times ahead.

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