China’s Artificial Sun

Science and scientific notions have reached the peak of their peaks. Discoveries and inventions are turning out to be mind-blowing. We hear of something hard to believe every new day but is a subtle reality. Scientists have taken the game to another level, and it seems like there is no coming back from this stage. The most recent Chinese development is one of those inventions that makes us realize science’s potential in the modern scientific world. This current invention is the ‘artificial sun.’ Yes, you read it right. Sun. The center of the solar system, the hot star. Chinese have recreated that.


The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak, acronym as EAST, is the scientific name for this artificial sun. And the best part is, this artificial sun is five times hotter than the actual sun! According to a Xinhua news agency report, the Artificial sun reaches a temperature of 70,000,000 Celsius during experiments. It was created by a nuclear fission reactor in China and ran for 17 minutes at such a high temperature, creating new records.


Creating this Artificial sun is to obtain an experimental nuclear fusion reactor. A nuclear fusion reactor mimics the natural reactions that occur between stars. Building such a reactor will ensure clean energy, applying it in several uses.

A nuclear fusion reactor merges the nuclei of different atoms and creates energy, further designed into electricity. It does not release hazardous or harmful gases and is very suitable for the environment. Therefore, the risk of environmental hazards is significantly less with the development of fusion reactors.


The EAST project has cost China about £700bn, and the experiments are set to be run till June. The Chinese team will also extend its support for developing another fusion reactor in Marseille, France.

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