Chosen Netflix Series Review

Netflix gives some really good shows from time to time. A streaming platform best known as a one-stop site/application for entertainment is available in all genres. Along with other genres, sci-fi and thrillers add credibility to Netflix’s portfolio. The latest addition to the science fiction genre is ‘Chosen,’ which hails from Denmark. 


The show ‘Chosen’ features Malaika Mosendene as Emma, who lives in a small town called Middleboro. Emma is a teenage girl who thinks differently from most people in the city. The city itself was famous for a meteorite that struck it over seventeen years ago. But Emma felt that there was something fishy regarding the meteor story. She wanted to uncover all the secrets hiding behind this story and made it her mission. The protagonist sets off for a task and finds others seeking the same secrets. She meets a lot of good and bad people in her journey. 


The story revolves around Emma and her search for her own true identity. As the show moves forwards, the characters discover that the meteor crash was indeed a lie. Some species from the outer world or extra-terrestrial beings were planning something for the town. Many strange happenings took place, and Emma was the focus of all these happenings, and she was trying to find why she was experiencing all that was happening.


Andrea Gadeberg, Andreas Dittmer, Albert Rudbeck Lindthardt, Mohamed Djeziri, and other cast members were phenomenal. All these youngsters strived against the undiscovered lies of a meteor crash and developed themselves in the journey. They got to take essential decisions in life, decisions that would change their lives forever. The acting, the script, and the story were tremendous. All characters did justice to their respective roles and turned into the best versions of themselves. However, some episodes seemed to be slow, and six episodes seemed like a dragon. But, all in all, an excellent series to binge-watch for all sci-fi lovers out there. The first season of the show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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