Climate Change: Causes And Consequences

Climate is getting hot, and so is the topic of Climate change. Seminars, awareness programs, drives, and all other means are endorsing the issue of climate change as one severe matter and something that should be readily worked out. Let’s understand the basics of the Earth’s climate. Earth is a perfect planet for human life due to several factors. One significant factor is the presence of the atmosphere and the natural greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect traps the energy from the sun and does not allow the whole of it to reflect back to space. Through this trapping of power, Earth’s average temperature goes up to around 15° celsius, which would have been otherwise less than -18° celsius. The climate change we all are worried about nowadays relates to the phenomenon of global warming. This article is all about the causes and consequences of climate change. 


We previously discussed how vital the greenhouse effect is to our Earth’s environment. But, as they say, excess of everything is terrible. Over the last 150 years, global warming has grown significantly. The main reason for increasing global warming is the anthropogenic greenhouse effect caused by human activities. The industrial revolution and rising trends of owning vehicles have contributed a lot to the cause. The harmful gases released through smoke from these chambers add to the natural greenhouse effect already present. Toxic gases like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, and methane deplete the ozone in the atmosphere, allowing harmful radiations from the sun toward the Earth’s surface. It has therefore resulted in an increase in Earth’s average temperature. Burning fossil fuels, mining for natural resources, and deforestation for commercial construction are prominent causes of climate change. 


The ice has started melting at a very rapid pace, and the rivers are drying up. Rates of rainfall have decreased over the past few years. Average temperatures are likely to rise by 1.5° in the 2000s if the necessary measures are not taken. Temperatures have started rising up in the north and south poles as well. The Arctic Sea is shrinking by approximately 12.85% each passing decade! This is not all; the fire seasons in forests are becoming longer and more intense than before. The Amazon fires in Australia in 2019 are a prominent example. Extreme weather conditions such as floods, tornadoes, and cyclones have increased and are also occurring in unexpected seasons. Therefore, as responsible citizens of this planet earth, we should be vocal about the consequences of climate change. We should try addressing the issues and eradicate the causes behind this climate change for ourselves and our future generations.

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