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Counter Strike Global Offensive - Major Event

The recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive culminated with FaZe Clan turning out victorious. PGL Antwerp Major Counter-Strike Global Offensive 2022 was held in Belgium in May. The two-week-long tournament ended on 22nd May with FaZe Clan as champions. 


FaZe Clan’s roster for Antwerp Major 2022 was as follows:

• Finn “karrigan” Anderson

• Havard “rain” Nygaard

• Helvijs “brooky” Saukants

• Robin “ropz” Kool

• Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken

• Robert “RobbaN” Dahlstrom (Coach)



The FaZe clan won its first significant CS GO event at Antwerp. FaZe had a plausible 3-1 run in the Legend’s Stage. Playoff victories against Ninja in Pyjamas and Team Spirit paved their way to the grand finals. The clan had a faceoff against Natus Vincere in the finals, only to dominate them astoundingly. A 2-0 win, conquering both Inferno and Nuke, made FaZe clan the first international roster to win a Counter-Strike Global Offensive major and the receivers of a cash prize worth $500,000! The team is now a watch out for ESL Pro league 15 and IEM Katowice. The victory over Na’Vi has established FaZe amongst the giants of the current CSGO era.  

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