Economy Is Weak Under Democracy?


The Middle East is probably the only region that does not follow democracy. BBC reports state that Arabs believe that their economy suffers under democracy. According to reports, BBC conducted nearly 23000 interviews from Arab countries, including Palestinian territories. Most of the interviewees agreed with the statement that democratic governments could not sustain the economy. After two years of the spring protest and a decade ago organized for democratic change, no Arab country except Tunisia retained democratic rule.


Several Arab countries were part of the survey conducted in 2018-19 and 2021-22. As per the results, more than half of the respondents agreed that the economy is weak under democratic rule. The number of respondents agreeing with the fact has increased significantly in the past three years. The survey also revealed that people are more interested in a government’s effectiveness rather than its form. In most Arab countries surveyed, including Palestinian territories, more than half of the audience agreed that they need a ruler who can ‘bend the rules for the benefit of the state. However, in Morocco, fewer than half agreed with this statement. In Tunisia, 9 out of 10 responses supported President Saied’s decision to sack the government and overhaul parliament in 2021.


The economic situations in the surveyed countries were a bigger threat than Covid-19 in 2021. There were just two countries where the economy wasn’t the most significant issue. One is Iraq, where corruption topped the list, while the other is Libya suffering from instability. More than one in three people in these surveyed countries ran out of food supplies before they had supplies to buy more. Especially in Egypt and Mauritania, the food supply shortage is much bigger. A probable reason could be that these countries and others in that region rely on Russia and Ukraine for wheat exports. After the Russia-Ukraine war, the exports have suffered and thus the problems. 


When asked about their hopes for the improvement in the economy, the majority of the interviewees showed despair. However, some hopeful beings were optimistic that their country to come out of economic turmoil and perform better in the future.

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