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Epic Books You Should Read In Your Twenties

Being in twenties is the most significant time period for any human being. At this age, a person has just started to become an adult. He sees, observes and comprehends a lot about life during this time. A lot of world secrets are unveiled to him. A person in twenties starts bearing sack of new responsibilities. This is the period when he starts working, gets married and probably, have kids. 

Twenties have never been easy on an individual. To go through this age successfully is the goal of every person in this universe. To succeed in any examination, you need some learning. The best source of learning is the book, human’s best friend. So, if you are someone in your twenties, or you know and care about someone who is in his/her twenties, this is for your read. In this article, we have covered the five epic books that must be read in your twenties.


One of the most important skills a person should know in his/her twenties, is personal finance. Personal finance basically is the science of holding and managing money. A lot of young adults face financial problems and struggle in living with the budget. They keep finding ways to maximize their income, but fail. Dave Ramsey’s ‘The Total Money Makeover is a perfect read for financially struggling youngsters. From our epic books, this book teaches in baby steps; to use money in such ways which not only serves us, but those around us. Moreover, this book helps in paying debts, managing income and while being in the personal financing mode, maximizing the budget. 

This book by June Eding serves the best relationship advice to its reader. Not only the love life, but relationships with family members are also very important. From the list of our epic books. This book revolves around maintaining good relations with people who matter. There are people with whom we want to establish good relations, but we struggle to do so. This read has all those special tips and tricks that get the reader along, in establishing those struggling relations.

Is your schedule very hectic? Do you feel that your everyday routine is challenging and not organized? Or do you procrastinate a lot? If you wish to find solutions to all these mentioned problems, David Allen’s book is your answer. This book allows you to plan through these hectic workarounds and chaotic schedules. ‘Getting Things Done’ gets you organized and gives you solutions. A must-read book, indeed.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” is an inspirational book for all of those struggling with their love lives. The author wrote this book in the post-World-War-I era. In this book, Nick Carraway is the narrating author who moves to New York to pursue his dream. He meets a mysterious millionaire named Gatsby, struggling with his love life. Despite having all his wealth, he wanted one precious thing, the woman he loved. A romance and tragic novel is what you all should read. A movie was also made on this visionary story, featuring Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This book by Jia Tolentino is a masterpiece. It deals with the way we engage in the modern world. This book is a collection of essays that exhibits the way everything is centered around our lives. The way internet, culture, politics, entertainment industry, and everything else impacts our lives. This read makes us aware of the dangers that rely around us, and how should we deal with them. A must read for anyone in his/her twenties.

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