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On Thursday, August 19, Facebook Inc. launched a test work app that can work on virtual reality. A new development in technology by well-known website can be accessed remotely.

Virtual reality (abbreviated as VR) is a computer-programmed sort of environment that seems real. Users feel that they are present in the environment and everything around them is a reality which is why it is called virtual reality. A person sitting in his small room in a small town of Bangladesh can experience the beauty and glamour of Paris with the help of VR. The rise of a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19 has given a rise to the use of VR due to lockdowns all over the world and travel restrictions. The technology has caught the eye of the world, and now companies like Facebook are trying to make productive use of this technology.

The new work app is known as the Horizon Workrooms app. The beta version of the app is out already. The users will need Oculus Quest 2 headsets with the application itself, taking Facebook towards the ‘metaverse’ CEO Mark Zuckerberg dreams of.

The company has not only invested in Virtual reality but is concentrating efforts towards Augmented Reality, developing AR glasses and wristband technologies. 

The Horizon Workrooms app will allow users to indulge in video conferences with the representation of their avatars. The conferences will be based on virtual reality, and the users can collaborate on whiteboards. The app is free to download, while the Oculus Quest 2 headsets cost around $300. 16 people are allowed in virtual reality together, while the technology allows 50 video conference participants. 

Facebook has announced In its briefing that the community standards set for virtual reality by Oculus are to be strictly followed otherwise the users will be reported. It also assured that the conversations and documents shared in the VR conferences will not be exploited through Facebook Ads.

This new technology is a breakthrough in the tech world, and its adaptation by Facebook will increase the competition, compelling others to come in and do even better. Interesting times ahead.

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