Gawadar is being termed as the jewel port of South Asia. It is said that Gawadar will be a central trading hub for superpowers worldwide in the future.  Since the pandemic has slowed down its effects and economies are reopening, the world has its eyes set on a potential powerhouse. No other city in the world has potential similar to that of Gawadar. That is why it is termed as the “city of the future.” The following are the reasons why this deep seaport is given such importance.


Gawadar is located at the coast of the Arabian Sea, in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The country itself enjoys a geostrategic location with best-friends China in the north and the Arabian Sea in the south. China has been generous in extending its trade routes under its OBOR and CPEC developments, making Gawadar a critical trading hub. It is expected that Gawadar will be the center of at least 20% of the world’s petroleum trade in the future.


The development of Gawadar will open a new room for exports. This port will strengthen the connection between Pakistan and its neighboring countries, including the central Asian countries. Pakistan can provide them the sea route and claim benefits in return. The opening of new trade routes will benefit the world economy.


Pakistan’s economy has been suffering ever since the past few decades. Unemployment has been one of the main issues in the country. Gawadar could be the answer for that. We already saw some employment opportunities opening up when CPEC started its operations. Soon, when Gawadar city gets off and running, the people of Pakistan will drink from the glass of its utilities.


Pakistan enjoys natural scenery at its north and can be a great attraction for tourists. Since Gawadar will create a connection between Pakistan and the rest of the world, Pakistan’s brand image will strengthen. This way, the country’s tourism industry will get a boost, positively impacting the economy.


Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area but is the least developed. The population in this province is deficient as compared to other sections. Most people here are nomadic. The literacy rate and infrastructure are also on the lower side. The development of Gawadar as a future city will positively impact Balochistan. CPEC and other programs will help develop its infrastructure with advancements in the real estate sector.

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