google ai

Google is a lot more than a mere search engine. They make you realize it time and time again. In 2007, Google adopted a mobile-first approach and was widely successful in pulling off that strategy. Google introduced Android, and today it has an 80% market share in the operating system industry. It kept making advancements and made Android better and better. Currently, Google is keener towards its AI-first strategy, where it is heading to make a breakthrough in Artificial intelligence, just like it did for mobiles. In this piece, we have covered the way Google has made advancements in its Artificial Intelligence strategy.


Google’s tensor chips are certainly the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence. They are not the conventional machine-learning models that translate the text commands and display results. They are the multi-modal models that may take audio, visuals, and text as inputs and produce sensible results with them. It means that your computer will become capable of making future decisions based on information like photos and voice recordings. Tensor Flow’s work is another day’s talk, but its speed of processing and producing results is the best compared to other AI tools.


Google AI is onto developing a source that exceeds the creativity criteria! In the coming times, Google will make itself capable of taking audio and sounding like a musical instrument. For instance, it will take a mooing cow and would make it a piano lesson. However, considering ethical concerns, Google will not synthesize a human voice. Nevertheless, this step will further intensify the role of machine language encapsulating arts and music.


Google AI plans to advance itself into textile intelligence, introducing features in your garments! The tech giant plans to inject AI into your wearables. For instance, the invention of the I/O braid, which would act as an input-output device. The usage of an earphone cord to change songs without turning on the screen is also something anticipated. Moreover, the earphone cord will glow whenever there is a message. 

Google is planning to make all these advancements in its AI algorithm. One can say that Google Is on its way to revolutionizing the world of tech once again. 

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