Covid-19 pandemic made its way to the planet earth in the latter part of 2019 through China, and it did what we were surely never expecting. It’s 2021, and it still prevails. Variants after variants, waves after waves, guess the world has learned to live with it.

It is said that everything that happens, happens for the reason. With all the amount of deaths and fear this pandemic brought, it also impacted the way we live our lives. Some say the earth just refreshed itself, while others term it as God’s wrath. It surely was something that the world has never seen or heard. There were pandemics before including the deadly ones. However, no one would have expected the Covid-19 storm with present health system and technological advancements. But it happened…

In this blog, we have covered some of the aspects that have been impacted by Covid-19. So enjoy reading our Pre-Covid vs Post-Covid analysis.


Education is one of the most affected areas through Covid-19. The advent of this virus resulted in immediate closure of educational institutions. With no schools to take classes and give exams, we witnessed a new culture of ‘online classes’.

The concept of online classes was the need of the moment, but it had mixed reviews. Some students were happy with this new mode of learning using technology. They termed it as a more convenient way to acquire education while keeping them and their families safe. In addition to this, online education eradicates the cost of transport, making it a win-win situation. Opposing this view, some students complained that online education does not clear the concepts the way physical classes do. Online education comes with a lot of distractions and does not provide a learning environment. Another argument opposing online education was the unavailability of gadgets required for the underprivileged. Teachers complain that students show a non-serious attitude during online classes. Clara, a Mathematics teacher at Coventry high said, “Students are either not present mentally, or not present at all in online classes”.

Despite all these arguments, technology has worked as a Messiah for education in these testing times. Nowadays, the situation is slowly coming back to normal and the educational institutions are gradually resuming their on-site activities. Some institutions have shown flexibility by providing an option to students between on-campus and online modes of classes as per their preference. 


Apart from education, the global pandemic has also affected the businesses. With its advent, almost every country went into complete lockdown, which resulted in the complete shutdown of markets and offices. It had a serious effect on the world’s economy and trade. A lot of employees were fired, and a lot of businesses were shut down. However, soon a work-from-home culture developed, where employees were required to follow office timings from their homes and do their work within deadlines.

This work-from-home culture initiated a new revolution. Some liked the idea, others didn’t. Those who didn’t have problems with dealing with family distractions and office work, and craved a peaceful working environment. While those in favor made some really valuable points. They stated that working from home reduces transport costs, pollution, is eco-friendly, and does not limit you to a single locality. You can work for any company in any part of the world through this mode. Companies like Twitter and Square liked this idea to the extent that they gave their employees a forever-work-from-home option, even after the pandemic. This new culture gave a huge boost to freelancers and those running online businesses, and we observed a surge in their numbers in the past year or so.


Covid-19 has truly changed the meaning of life. It has locked the whole world and confined humans in their homes just like bird-catcher cages his birds. 

This pandemic has added face mask as a compulsory part of everyone’s attire. 6 feet distance from anyone you meet is required, even with the closest of relatives. We carry a bottle of sanitizer everywhere and use it after touching literally anything. It can be said that this pandemic has started living somewhere inside us, and we have have accepted that. Now we avoid going out frequently. We avoid gatherings, parties, and hanging out. This is not how we thought our life would be before the advent of this deadly virus. It has completely altered our lifestyle.


Covid-19 has made equal damages to sports. With its advent, a lot of tournaments were canceled around the globe. Wimbledon 2020, the badminton Swiss Open and MotoGP round in Qatar are to name a few. 

Many tournaments were either postponed or suspended. The Tokyo Olympics which was originally scheduled to be held in 2020 was postponed till 2021. The Euro Cup in football and World T20 in cricket were also postponed. Initially, when this pandemic showed its first glimpses, all sports activities were immediately suspended. However, slowly and gradually, activities resumed in close door stadiums and grounds. There were strict protocols for all players, officials, and those participating with Covid tests now and then. 

These protocols stand the same till yet, however, the audience and the lovers of sport have been allowed to enter stadiums in small numbers. We hope that the situation settles soon and everything gets back to its normal way.

If you are curious to know more about the impact of pandemics historically you can watch the video given below.

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