How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media?

In today’s world, media is a lens. A lens that operates according to its own will shows us what it wants to offer. We can do nothing but accept what the media portrays. This is where brands cash in. Consumer behavior is inclined to check media reviews for high-involvement products, such as tech products. Tech companies concentrate a significant amount of their budgets on promotions through media. Now, since we do not know the truth behind the media veil, it is sound to expect manipulations in your favorite tech reviews. Famous Youtubers MKBHD and Mrwhosetheboss in a viral video have analyzed this manipulation of media by the tech companies, and thus, the content of this piece.


Online word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective advertising strategies. Companies give products for review giveaways to social media influencers, who then make videos or publish articles regarding the product. Now, this eliminates the honest proportion of that influencer since no one will be interested in a giveaway if he reviews it negatively. Through these giveaways, tech companies put influencers in challenging situations. This way, they bring positive assertions about their products in front of consumers.


Tech companies portray what they want to show and discard everything else. For instance, an influencer does a video review on XYZ company’s newly launched tablet. Now, the XYZ company will pick up the snippets of just the positive portions of the video and not the rest of it. They manipulate these reviews and build a narrative that benefits these companies. 


Companies use that very often, don’t they? They would announce a feature and term it ‘coming soon.’ Now no one knows when this ‘soon’ will arrive. Moreover, reviewers quote the features which sound exciting to the ears but aren’t here yet. Reviewers can’t help but repeat the company briefings about the ‘yet to arrive’ product/feature etc. But, it falls way below expectations when the ‘coming soon actually arrives after creating such a huge hype. People then realized that all that drama was nothing but an intelligent marketing strategy and media manipulation. 


Companies restrict the reviewers of free will while reviewing the product. They often pose dual embargoes. The first review that a reviewer post is about the product’s first impression. In this first review, the company refrains the reviewer to say or discuss certain product features until the second review after a stated time. This gives double coverage to the company’s product and restricts the reviewer from giving his free will.

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