Earn Money From Facebook

Everyone is aware of Facebook in this world. A global platform with around 2.45 billion active monthly users, Facebook is essential for everyone’s social life.  

We log in to Facebook multiple times to take a sneak peek into our friends’ lives, scroll feed, giggle at memes, and share ideas. A lot of us are not aware that this networking site can be used in a much more productive way. It can be used to earn quite a handsome amount. Yes! You just have to be smart, invest your time and a little money.

In this article, we have listed down ways to earn money through Facebook.


You can use Facebook to sell your digital and physical products. It is easy; you can easily create a business page and post about your products, their features, and prices. People who visit your page can contact you through Messenger to acquire more details.

You can also create a group where you can sell your products. There are various buy and sell groups present on the popular social networking site which you can simply join and post your product there along with its description. You can also sell your product through the Facebook Marketplace.

While selling your product, make sure that you post apt and to the point details about your product which gives a clear picture to the customer. Make sure that you do not post any false thing as it can result in a negative review, which possesses a significant impact on your online business!


You may have noticed lately that advertisements appear when you stream videos on Facebook Watch. These advertisements are called in-stream ads. Facebook sells these ads, and you get money for putting them on your video. But, to be eligible to post Ads, you need a Facebook page of whatever niche, with at least 10,000 followers. Your page should have generated at least 30,000 views on a minimum of 3-minute videos in the past 60 days. Your video content should abide by Facebook’s community guidelines and your country must come under the list of countries eligible to enable monetization on the website. Once you pass all the eligibilities required, Facebook gives you different placements of ads as an option. You can either choose according to your preferences or let the website do it according to its default settings.


In the past few years, Facebook has become an important hub for influential marketers. Influential marketing is basically to sell products through your public reputation and recognition. Firms nowadays use influential marketing as a tactic to introduce their product amongst masses, therefore to be an influential marketer in this era can be very fruitful.

To be an influential marketer, you should have a considerable number of followers on your Facebook page. It takes patience, and a lot of struggle to build a fan base that is loyal to you and listens to your word. Once you become an influential personality, firms approach you and pay you to promote their product amongst your audience. The higher the followers, the higher the influential power, the higher the fame, and therefore, the higher the payments. You might have seen a number of unboxing videos, or some celebrities promoting products at some point in their videos, or even providing promo codes; these are all the different ways how influential marketing works.


You can earn through Affiliate marketing on Facebook. So how does affiliate marketing works? 

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other’s products, and you get a commission every time the buyer buys that product. On Facebook, you can do affiliate marketing by posting about the product you wish to sell, and post a link along with it that leads the buyer directly to the place where he can buy the product. This way, whenever someone buys the product through your link, you get the commission. The higher the prices of the products, the higher the commission.

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