How Were The Pyramids Built?

Maths, Science, and History altogether have unraveled the mysteries of the Earth, which all started with a big bang. The process of discoveries is well and truly on. However, one of the greatest mysteries ever on Earth is about the Egyptian pyramids. The three Giza pyramids, built for three Pharaohs named Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, were all built around 2500 years before Christ. The thought of such an ancient civilization building pyramids of such height with excellent foundations left scientists scratching their heads for years. They put no wheels or animals into action, which means human power had to pull these pyramids of about 2.5 tons, which is impossible. Fortunately, scientists have an answer now.


Pyramids have been a center of conspiracy theories. Many believed that the old age Egyptians had super-natural powers that brought pyramids into being. Some people regard their construction as magic. Some have gone this far as to associate it with aliens or other un-earthy creatures. But after years of research, scientists have figured out the secret behind this immense humanly power that pulled tons of material to the construction site. The answer is water. 

Scientists have discovered that those people mixed the water with sand to damp it and turn it into a sled. The water had to be just right so as not to bog down the sled. Researches indicate that the amount of water required was not much and could be transported easily. An article published in 2003 in the journal Technology and Culture mentions this. This article is the closest to what we can conclude regarding the construction of pyramids. But as we have said, the process of discoveries is well and truly ‘on.’

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