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Abbreviated as IoT, the Internet of Things is adding smartness to physical things. In other words, it is combining physical and digital worlds. 

The concept of machines was introduced to reduce human effort. The advent of internet was a big breakthrough in the scientific world, as it connected the world under the umbrella of network. IoT made the impossible possible. Then came smartphones, an effort-reducing machine with the smartness of the internet. The concept of IoT is to make every physical machine, smart. To make an interrelation between computers and embed machines, enabling them to transfer data without human interference. This means that your smartphones will not be the only smart devices in near future.


Following are different areas where IoT is already creating an impact.


Internet of Things has benefited healthcare in a lot of ways. Most of these advancements came during the treatment of Covid-19. Virtual hospitals and wards were set up in different cities when it was difficult to accommodate all the patients in hospitals. Virtual hospitals allowed remote treatment of patients with the use of digital healthcare devices. Apart from that, several digital wearable sensors have been introduced that can be worn on the body and can detect pulse rate, heartbeat etc. and can be used to monitor a patient’s physical condition. Moreover, smart thermometers have been introduced that are operated through mobile applications. These thermometers can collect data according to the disease, and can differentiate between diseases according to temperatures collected. Smart thermometers helped in creating a global database by recording the aggregate temperatures in Covid-19 patients across the globe. 

You all are aware of smartwatches and their ability to record the number of steps, heartbeat, pulse rate etc. Recently, Apple and Samsung have launched their watches that can measure oxygen levels in the blood, blood pressure and ECG. So if there’s a problem, you already know.


IoT in transportation is in a big swing already. For instance, vehicles are embedded with digital data tracking facilities that can ensure a smooth experience for drivers. Moreover, traffic alerts and fuel alerts make the decision making part easier. In addition to this, development of smart highways is underway, which would allow smooth passage for vehicles. IoT equipped vehicles tend to reduce the accident risk with timely alerts and accident assistance. It reduces traffic and congestion that are very dangerous to the environment. 

Smartly equipped vehicles are in a demand nowadays due to their utilities. It is believed that in future, the system will become more advanced than ever. In near future, your car will automatically book an appointment with your mechanic when it would sense a possible breakdown or some kind of repair. This data-stricken transport system would be surely something huge if it happens.


Internet of Things has changed the way we live our lives, and the biggest reason is the up-gradation of home appliances of our everyday use. Televisions, refrigerators, water tanks, microwave ovens, air-conditioners and a lot of electrical components are IoT equipped. 

Currently in its developing stage, IoT will soon allow us to connect all our home appliances under a single internet-controlled system. The system will work according to our preferences. Your Air conditioner will know what temperature you need in what conditions. Also, no need to remember your laundry days, your washing machine will remind you. Your refrigerators will record the number of items you use and the number of times you open its door. Based on this, it will prepare your grocery list. Furthermore, your television will set a channel priority list according to what you watch the most. For instance, if you are a sports fan, the first channel your television will show upon you turning it on would be ESPN

The game of IoT is beyond what was believed around 20 years ago. It is changing the world and the way people live in it. If you are curious to know more about IoT you can watch the video below.

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