The Facebook company decided to rebrand itself with a new name, “Meta,” on 28th October 2021. The speculations regarding this name changing were on song throughout the internet, and it finally happened. ‘Meta’ is regarded as an attempt to own the “metaverse,”; which can be considered the future of the internet.


Founder Mark Zuckerberg headed the decision to rename this globally renowned company at the annual Connect conference. Mark has always had a dream to make Facebook a virtual 3D space. For instance, the Horizon Workrooms application uses a platform where attendees can attend their offices through their avatars. He has been keen to make full use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and change the perception of the internet. Many companies today are investing or plan to support in the future ‘metaverse’. The attempt of Facebook to change its name to ‘Meta’ is a clear indication of Mark’s dream of owning this metaverse.


25th October, the internet was taken by the storm when the news of Facebook papers circulated. It turned out that a whistleblower, Frances Haugen, had confronted Facebook to the Security and Exchange Commission USA (SEC) by leaking some internal documents. The documents had some controversial accusations regarding the way Facebook works. For instance, there were some presences of hate-speech dummy accounts, of which Facebook was well and truly aware. Moreover, it also stated that Zuckerberg’s claim of removing more than 90% of hate-speech accounts before being reported was false. Instead, Facebook only removed less than 5% of these accounts.

A new name can serve as a fresh start to the company despite all the scrutiny it is going through. It can also separate the ‘metaverse’ work Mark wishes to do in the future. It is not the first time a company has changed its name to rebrand itself. Google did it way back not to be specified as a search engine only. Snapchat went from ‘Snapchat’ to ‘Snap Inc.’ following its new camera glasses.


The rebranding of the name will open up new inventions for the company. They are already working on the formulation of AR glasses. One thing is for sure: many AR VR products are lined up in their list for the future. However, the social networking apps: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp will remain with the same name. 

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