IPL – 2022

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IPL - 2022

The fifteenth season of the Indian Premier League is underway in the whole rhythm. IPL is a T20 cricket tournament based in India. It is said to be the pioneer of franchise cricket and a festival for all cricketing fraternities. Undoubtedly, IPL is the most popular and arguably the best cricket league globally. The money and interest in the league have inspired other countries to launch their cricket leagues. The Caribbean Premier League, Big Bash, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, the list of tournaments goes on. With cricket schedules packed with leagues almost all the months of the year, IPL still prevails to be the best in the business. This article discusses why IPL is way ahead of all the other cricket leagues. 


All the elite players in the world prefer to play Indian Premier League, and the salary caps and base prices are way too tempting compared to other leagues in the world. Moreover, the competition in the league is intense, tempting every player in the world to be a part of it. Since India has a powerful influence on world cricket, all other boards show a bent shoulder towards IPL and release their players for the competition. Apart from IPL, no other cricket league manages to feature all the top international stars citing international responsibilities and workloads. 


The Indian Premier League window is somehow designated in world cricket. NO OTHER LEAGUE IS PLAYED during IPL, which is primarily held in summers. Moreover, most international teams prefer not to have bilateral series during IPL months. This is because most players prefer the league cricket over international, and with the amount of money they receive in a 20 over tournament, boards can not impose their authority. No other cricket league has this type of separate window where it could enjoy the services of all top players. This is where IPL stands out amongst other leagues.


The most significant reason behind IPL’s success is the fandom. India is a vast audience, and they religiously love cricket. IPL is just like a festival for the country. Thus, IPL generates the most incredible viewership among all cricket leagues. Moreover, the revenues from sponsorships and gate money are vast. The budget of the league skyrockets each year, and players love the money-making environment.

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