Is Tesla Really Environmentally Friendly?

Who doesn’t want Tesla? Tesla is a lot more than just a mere automobile. It is a status symbol and a feeling of goodness for the self. Moreover, having Tesla gives a sense of doing something for the environment. All-electric vehicles advertise a sustainable environment and reduced carbon footprint, and so does Tesla. A Tesla car does not require gasoline to operate, but certain factors play against its claim of being green. 


Before giving Tesla an ‘all green’ certificate, let’s understand its working model. We all know that Tesla produces electric vehicles, which run on electricity. Now, if this electricity comes from solar or wind energy or any other renewable source, it is perfectly fine. But, in most countries, fossil fuels are used to generate electricity. So if you charge your Tesla’s battery with the electricity that comes from burning coal, are you making the environment sustainable. Indeed, Tesla and other EVs release only up to 25% carbon footprint compared to gasoline vehicles. But the point is that they contribute to the deadly carbon footprint and, thus, do not entirely make EVs green.


Another issue arises in the material used in manufacturing these electric vehicles. Since EVs must be light-weighted, their creation is by lighter metals. These metals are rare and extracted through mining and deep drilling. The process of removing these metals creates deformity and affects nature and habitat. Therefore, it poses a clear question mark on Tesla’s advertisement of being a ‘green’ vehicle.


The batteries used in Tesla and other electric vehicles are Lithium batteries. These batteries are hefty in weight and consist of many rare metals. The problem is in recycling these batteries. Very few companies specialize in recycling these batteries, and therefore, complete restoration of the rare metal is not possible. So, the lack of recyclability puts a big question mark on Tesla and other leading companies’ environmentally friendly stature.

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