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To earn a seven-figure income isn’t enough to make you a millionaire. It is about how much you hold back after incurring all your expenses. Your worth is what you have, not what you earn. This is where Personal Finance comes into play.

Personal Finance is something that is not taught at academic levels but is highly important. Handling money and using it in the best possible way can do wonders for a person. As the famous saying goes, “Money is a terrible master but an excellent slave.” Successful people control their money and don’t let money be their controller. The art of managing your money is what we call personal finance.

So, how does personal finance help you revamp your financial life? The answer is simple; management. It helps you manage money, pay off debt, cut off expenses, save in a percentage form, etc. Reading books is one way to get inspiration and be on a learning path of this personal finance art. In this piece, we have covered the top 5 books on personal finance, which will help you build a formidable future.


Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of two fathers, one Kiyosaki’s and the other his friend’s, the latter being the rich one. The book is praise for the wealthy father, who made investments and became wealthy, unlike the author’s father. The book emphasizes how you don’t need to earn big to be rich. Moreover, it exhibits the importance of financial education and knowledge of personal finance. In addition to this, this masterpiece contains lessons about investments, the economy, and other essential aspects. A complete package with an exciting plot makes it one of the most popular personal finance books of all time.


Erin Lowry, in her book, Broke Millennial, talks about getting your financial life together. This book is a must-read for all the recent graduates that have recently stepped into their work life and are finding it challenging to manage their expenses. This book is full of lessons for the new broke millennial-s. For instance, Erin Lowry stresses the importance of dividing income in percentages and saving a certain percentage of money. This book will help you develop your relationship with money and help you manage it in a better way.


The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey was published first in 2013. The book contains a financial plan, which is proven and successful. The goal is a complete guide based on seven baby steps on acquiring financial stability and making you well-off. The book mentions the experiences of individuals and couples who followed this plan and became financially stable. Moreover, this book is acclaimed and praised by critics worldwide and is regarded as a complete manual to learn personal finance.


David Bach’s bestseller The Automatic Millionaire teaches the reader to be a millionaire through the staircase of personal finance. David Bach started investing at a very young age, so he has vast experience in financial fields. His vision regarding being a millionaire is straightforward. He stresses the need to save some money every day so that you can retire early and wealthy. Moreover, he emphasizes the necessity of paying yourself first or investing money in your personal development. Lastly, Bach portrayed the importance of automatic payments to enable disciplined investment without being disciplined yourself.


This book is for all those confused regarding their money, how to manage it, where to invest etc. Carl Richards’ The One-page Financial Plan answers all the above questions in a very effective way. It helps to formulate a foolproof financial strategy and define financial goals. This book also enables you to achieve your goals through a one-page financial plan created by Carl Richards, an acclaimed financial expert, and advisor.

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