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Literature Novels You Should Read

We always have something in the bag for our bookworms. This one goes out to all the literature enthusiasts out here. People read books to learn, acquire knowledge, or for the sake of reading. Then some people are more than just book readers. They are novel addicts. Novels do to them what cigarettes do to a smoker. So if you are one of those addicts, or someone looking to explore this hobby, this article is for you. We have covered five novels that qualify as must-read literature works in this era.


Garcia Marquez Gabriel’s masterpiece is one must-read for all ages. This book talks about the rise and decline of Colombian town Macondo. The characters of this book are a whole different vibe. The aliveness and motivation of these characters give a different feel. The picturization of this novel is such that you would never feel the town to be an unreal one if you wouldn’t know it. A highly recommended book, indeed.

If you read Jane Austen on the cover, you know the book will be a banger. Persuasion lives up to the same kind of reputation. This novel is all about the freedom to make choices and acknowledge this right. The world will persuade you to do one thing and abstain from the other. You don’t need to live the way the world teaches you if you can rationalize yourself. All these lessons and more in a hot sauce manner. Order now.

Ever wished to see the world from a monster’s perspective? Well, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein allows you the very same. The book revolves around the swiss scientist Victor Frankenstein who created a man-monster to unearth the new revolution in scientific discoveries. This 19th-century novel ages like an old vine—a must-read for all readers.

The Odyssea is a very long poem from about 700 BC. It is based on Greek Mythology and composed by Homer. The poem is about Odysseus’ struggle to return to his home after the Trojan war. He had to battle mysterious creatures and face the wrath of Gods. He had to win back the throne of Ithaca and defeat the suitors. This book takes you back in time and gives you an idea about the lifestyles and beliefs of people who lived thousands of years ago.

John Steinback’s “The Grapes of Wrath” was written during the Great Depression. This book centres on the Joad family, who were hardworking farmers and agricultural. However, the family lost everything during Oklahoma Dust Bowl in the 1930s. They then moved to California to change their fortunes. But the struggles continued as they couldn’t find work—a tragic yet exciting book to read.

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