Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum in Paris is one of its kind. It is considered as the world’s largest museum and holds a significant importance. 


Built as a fortress in 1190, the Louvre Museum has a rich constructional history. In 16th century, Louvre was reconstructed as a royal palace. Since then, many rulers and monarchs played role in its expansion. Today, it stands over 652,300 square feet. Louvre became home to art academies in 1982, after Louis XIV shifted royal residence to Versailles. After that, in 1793, the French National Assembly gave it the status of museum with collection of 537 paintings. Following that, famous ruler Napolean Bonaparte expanded the collection and named it as “Napolean Museum in 1801”.


The expansion continued after Bonaparte. The complete structure was completed in mid-19th century, under the reign of Napolean III. Today, Louvre museum contains a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and artworks. The collection includes Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman artworks. Moreover, the world-famous and arguably the best painting to ever exist, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” sits comfortably at the Louvre Museum. Other notable Louvre collections include “Venus de Milo” and “Winged Victory”. Furthermore, other famous works of famous artists, including Antonio Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss” are also at display at the Louvre.


The architecture of museum is also one of its kind. Built on Renaissance and French Classical style, the building of Louvre Museum is itself an exhibition. However, the best part of this building, according to some, came after its renovation in 1983. In fact, famous architect I.M. Pei was awarded the project for renovation. To illustrate, he built an underground lobby and a glass pyramid structure in the courtyard. The pyramid inaugurated in 1988. Interestingly, the modern design of pyramid sits very nicely with the traditional building, and makes a good blend of architecture. 


As a tourist, you should one-hundred percent visit Louvre. However, beware of large crowds. The admission fee as of 2022 is around 17 euros (+3 if booked online). Most importantly, entry is free for all those under 18 and under 26 on Friday evenings. Moreover, you can have free entry on first Saturdays of each month between 6 PM and 9:45 PM, and whole day on 14 July (Bastille Day). Unfortunately, the museum is closed every Tuesday and on Christmas, Ney Year’s day and Labour Day. 

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