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Luka Modric – The Real Madrid Magician

Real Madrid pulled off a sensational victory against Paris Saint Germain last week at the Champions League. They came back from 0-1 deficit in last leg, to claiming a next stage sport by 3-2. When there’s a lot to talk and discuss about the historical game, Luka Modric’s magic spells were at a full flow. 36 year-old midfielder is no less than an artist on field, and he painted a beautiful picture last Wednesday.   


Luka Modric’s ability to keep the possession of the ball is invincible, probably the best amongst all midfielders in the circuit. His touches and passes often change the complexion of game. He is a perfect model of what a Central Midfielder should be. Last week against PSG, He made the most touches and mots passes for his side. His temperament and game awareness have made his team win a lot of games in past. He is quick at anticipating opponent’s game plans and plan accordingly. This is why Real Madrid wins back possession and dominates in games it plays.


Luka Modric’s ability to make goals is astounding. Scoring goals is awesome, but making them is an art. Goal makers often get unnoticed, we would not let Modric lose it. He dribbles through the midfield, creates gaps and finds attackers who can find the post. Luka Modric is often found playing chess on a football field, apart from all the leagues. His work-off ball and tackles are always spot on. 


LM10 is often associated with Lionel Messi, one of the greatest players of all time, but Luka Modric with number 10 at his back is no less. He is a magician on-field, and main accord for Real Madrid. Many a times he has saved the sinking ship of Real Madrid, and is continuing the feat at the age of 36! 

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