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Messi Is Facing A Decline

Has the downfall descended upon Messi? Is the Argentine star no longer what he used to be? More than a decade of dominant football might be sinking into deep seas. People may argue that; the only way Messi has a declined is when he stops playing. Well, they’re emotions, associations, and affections. Fans cannot see critics pointing fingers at their favorite player. Has the downfall really started? What do the statistics say? This piece has it all. So put your analytical glasses on and decide for yourself, do you see a decline or not?


Messi’s goal-scoring return has been low, with just three goals in Ligue 1 season 2021-22. Since leaving Barcelona FC, the superstar has seemed in a different shell altogether. One possible explanation could be his inadaptability at Paris Saint Germain. When there is blame on club management, a player of Messi’s caliber is way below par. Currently, placed 82 on Ligue 1 goal scorers list. Despite Messi’s average shots per 90 minutes increasing to a whopping 6.08. This is the first time in his career when he is going over 6 attempts per game. It shows that the former Barca star is trying to change his natural game, and it is undoubtedly not yielding results. 


Goal scoring isn’t an issue when Lionel Messi spells his assisting magic. Unfortunately, it’s not happening. You can feel the reflexes slowing down. He is receiving the ball more than he used to, but the passing is not as clean. He has only made 13 assists this season so far. His expected assists for the team are below 20%, which used to be 28% a couple of seasons back. 


You might disagree with the general perceptions, but the numbers don’t lie. Yes, there are a lot of mismanagements by PSG, but the fact is, Messi’s declining numbers started in his last season at Barcelona. This article is intended to create a larger picture for you to decide. Let us know your views in the comments.

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