Meta AR Glasses

Meta AR Glasses

According to the latest development, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has decided not to sell its much-hyped AR Glasses. After three years of being in the developing phase, the eyewear to metaverse seems to be on a snooze. The first version of Meta AR glasses, codenamed Orion, will not be available for general sale. Instead, Meta will send the initial bunch of production to developers and software professionals to enhance the future metaverse experience.


Meta is set to release its first-ever AR glasses after three years of development. The company is working on three versions of these AR glasses: Orion, Artemis and Hypernova. Orion’s debut is just around the corner. But hold on! No need to check your bank balance as of yet. Meta is not selling it out to the general public. As for now, only developers and software professionals will receive these glasses for better evaluation and improvements. 

Safe to say that Meta has emulated Snap inc. in this act, which is also sending their batch of AR glasses to the developers. According to the officials, producing these AR glasses costs Meta thousands of dollars, and the specs aren’t friendly for immediate user use. Meta wishes to provide its consumers with the best metaverse experience, and it doesn’t matter if they have to hold back the selling of glasses for a couple of years.


Meta is not just holding back AR glasses this year, but the audience will not be receiving the planned smartwatch with two cameras. This smartwatch was promised to have an EMG technology. This EMG technology would help users to control AR glasses with brain signals. However, the detached design of the smartwatch doesn’t allow the EMG tech into play. Meta wants to redesign and reevaluate its product to make EMG technology in wearables a reality. In the coming years, we might see the smartwatch and AR glasses debuting with integrated functions.

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