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ms marvel

Ms. Marvel is the new addition to the Marvel universe. On screens this June through Disney+, this inspiring story of a Muslim Pakistani superhero is winning hearts and fans worldwide. The concept of the show followed the previous likes of Wandavision and Loki. Although this is an all-new character on television screens, it came into the comic book scene in 2013. 


In 2013, Marvel announced a blonde female superhero, Kamala khan. This announcement came with a lot of critiques and very less appreciation. Moreover, fans termed this innovation as risky. In the past, Marvel had tried diversification like a biracial Spiderman, which did not achieve the expectations. The Muslim hero Kamala Khan proved to be a history changer. The Marvel fandom, especially the Muslim world, received Ms. Marvel wholeheartedly. This comic attracted not only persistent comic lovers but also non-conventional comic fans. By 2018, Marvel had sold over half a million copies. Backing on this success, Marvel decided to introduce this character on television screens.


Streaming of Ms. Marvel on Disney+ is surely breaking the stereotypes. It is giving and spreading a positive image of the Muslim world, contrary to what is normally perceived. In the show, Kamala Khan is a normal teenage girl having normal life problems. She is a fun, energetic and lively character, something which is not a common perception about Muslim females. Moreover, the show is a depiction of Pakistani culture. Since South-Asian representation in the west is mostly dominated by Indians, Marvel’s recognition of Pakistani culture is commendable. However, there was some criticism regarding the linguistics of the show, which was more toward the Indian side than the Pakistani.


The show’s main lead is Iman Vellani, a Pakistani-Canadian actress. Safe to say, she has made this role her own. Her adorable presence on screen and charisma meets the requirements of this character. All in all, a perfect pick for this role!

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