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must read books 2021

An American novelist and short-story writer, George R.R. Martin says “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies……… the man who never reads lives only once”

I remember my school had an award for eager readers of the year, and the decision was based on the number of books issued from the school’s library in a year.  It encouraged students to read more and more books so that they can qualify for the award. Towards the end of the year, students with a larger number of books on their library cards were asked to write a review on their most favorite book. About ten to twelve students were then shortlisted and were appreciated in the prize distribution ceremony with presents. A lot of those winners became bookworms and enhanced their vocabulary to a great extent.

Apart from good vocabulary, reading opens up minds. It allows the reader to watch the world from a completely different perspective. It’s passing time doing something productive, acquiring knowledge, and taking a break from all-day stress. Research says that those we frequently read tend to live more. It is observed that reading eliminates depression and other health issues.

If you are an eager reader or wish to become one, this one is for you. Here we have covered the top 5 books to read in 2021.


Written by Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice are one of the most-loved novels in the world. Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel that reflects important teaching about manners, education, marriage, and money.

The book revolves around the family of Mr. Bennet who has 5 daughters. According to the rule, his property can only be inherited by a male heir, and he doesn’t have a son. His wife doesn’t have any inheritance as well therefore the family will become poverty-stricken upon his death. Therefore, to save his family from coming into rags, at least one of his daughters should marry a rich man so that they can support their family. And this is where this family takes twists and turns. The novel teaches the importance to marry for love rather than money. A lot of dramas and television series are based on this book, and they all have been successful in reaching a mass audience. So if you haven’t read the book yet, what are you exactly waiting for? 

A Portuguese novel written by Paulo Coelho is an international best-seller. The novel is based on a young Andalusian boy, who sees a dream which seems to him as some kind of prophecy. Upon asking a fortune teller, he learns that some kind of treasure awaits him. He then starts his journey towards the pyramids of Egypt to find the treasure. 

The novel signifies pursuing your dreams. The young boy faced a lot of difficulties in his journey, was robbed twice but continued his journey. In his journey, he fell in love with an Arabian girl, who promised to marry him if he completes his journey. The novel portrays the power of love as it motivated Santiago to continue his journey and fulfill his dream. He had to sell his sheep but he didn’t stop and followed his heart. Paulo Coelho states in his novel; “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. During his journey, the boy meets a wise alchemist who teaches him the lessons of knowing your true self, so there’s already a lot of philosophy in it for you. So, did he get the treasure? Read the book to find out… 

Popularly known as The Diary of Anne Frank consists of writings of a young girl named Anne Frank who kept a diary. This young girl received a diary as a gift on her thirteenth birthday. The dutch writings in the diary caught international attention and were translated into more than seventy languages. 

The girl wrote this diary while two years of hiding during Nazi occupation over the Netherlands. This book takes you to the place and you get to experience what Anne Frank and her community went through. A young girl in her teenage teaches the value of humanity and freedom. Despite hardships, Anne’s writings depict her cheerful nature as she seemed to enjoy writing about all they faced. Knowing that she died a year later, this diary can have an emotional impact on your mind. 1st August 1944 is the last time she wrote something in her diary, three days before her arrest. She died in 1945 due to Typhus.

New York time’s bestseller, The Kite Runner is a historical fiction novel penned by Khalid Hosseini, an Afghan American novelist. The story revolves around a young boy Amir and his friend Hassan from a small district of Kabul, Afghanistan. The story is staged at a time when Afghan rule was affected by Soviet intervention and the Taliban were rising. The refugees were forced to migrate to Pakistan and America. The novel themes upon redemption and to come out from self-imposed guilt and punishment. The Kite Runner beautifully portrays the significance of the father-son relationship and true friendship. This book makes you feel all that there’s in the story.

Often termed as a children’s novel, this RJ Palacio’s masterpiece is a book for all ages. The text is so powerful that it can give you goosebumps.  The story revolves around a young boy named Auggie Pullman who has a deformed face. He gets admission to a school but faces a lot of hardships in adapting to this new environment. He gets bullied, receives offending remarks, and is avoided by the children in the school. But soon, he becomes everyone’s favorite and makes great friends. Join Auggie’s journey by reading this wonderful book.

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