Neom City The Future Of Saudia Arabia

The importance of technology and its role in building a sustainable future has been recognized worldwide. The utilities and perks of technological development have impacted decisions at governmental levels, and the visions for the future are breathtaking, to say the least! One prime example is the announcement of Neom: a future city. This city is planned to be built in northwest Saudi Arabia, in the province of Tabuk. ‘Neom’ is the amalgamation of ‘Neo’ (Greek word for new) and ‘M’ for ‘Mustaqbal’ (future in Arabic). The project was announced in 2017 by Saudi Crown Prince ‘Muhammad Bin Salman’. Neom city is set to cover 26,500 km2 with $500 billion. The first phase of the city construction is set to be completed by 2025.


The Neom city is planned to be the epitome of sustainability and technology. It is set to redefine the way people live in urban localities. Moreover, Saudi Arabia expects a boost in tourism through the development of this project. Furthermore, the primary purpose of this project is to diversify the sources of income for the country. Currently, Saudi Arabia is highly dependent on oil. All in all, the development of Neom will boost the tourism sector and increase foreign investments in the country.


The Neom city will be in a shape of a long thin line. The idea behind the city is very eco-friendly. There will be no waste, no traffic etc. The power generation for the city will be done through renewable energy resources only, i.e. wind energy and solar energy. To further illustrate, there will be no dependency on fossil fuels and natural gas. The city will allow humans to live alongside nature, providing an experience that is not available in urban cities nowadays. All in all, Neom will be a pollution-free city, and basic essentialities and necessities will be made available to the citizens.


The “City of Future” will run on the models of modern technology. It will have all the factors to understand the word ‘smart city. Everything in the city will be developed using technology. For instance, modern technology will monitor traffic controls, hazards, weather forecasts, road accidents, plague and all other factors. According to another idea, robots will do home deliveries, waste removal, and similar jobs. Since the city will be built from scratch, innovations will be made in the infrastructure, providing a unique experience.   

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