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If you are bored watching crime thrillers and comedy and looking for something else to binge-watch on Netflix, relax. In this article, we will be talking about an enthralling genre that can blow your mind and make you question yourself. These shows/documentaries/web series can make you doubtful about the bliss and blessings of technology. Is there a dark side to technology? Is everything the same as it seems? Whether our data is save with us? If not, who’s using it, and why? We can already sense some curiosity building up. So let’s not further waste time and hop towards the top 5 dark tech-related shows on Netflix.


The Social Dilemma is an American documentary/film which is based on the secrets of social media and the addiction of its users. This documentary has real interviews from the representatives of several giant tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Apart from that, there’s a scripted dramatization of a teenager’s social media addiction. It is directed by Jeff Orlowski, while Davis Coombe and Vickie Curtis are amongst the writers. 

The documentary exhibits the influence of tech giants over the common population. Social media addiction is a problem in a lot of teenagers and young people. The Social Dilemma revolves around the algorithm used by these Social Media companies that play with human behavior and human psychology and creates addiction amongst its users. They use manipulation tactics that may compel a human mind towards social media usage. Likes and dislikes are the currency of the modern world. The human’s need for approval is put on exhibition, and when his needs are not fulfilled, he develops depression and anxiety. It is stated in the film that the rate of self-harm, especially amongst young women has surged in recent years. Skyler Gisondo features in the documentary as a teenager who becomes addicted to the social dilemma.

Black Mirror is an anthology series first featured on Netflix in 2011. In this show, Black Mirror is a mirror of our realities, maybe a smartphone, a PC, or a laptop. Created by Charlie Brooker, the show consists of 5 seasons. It revolves around what a high-tech future might hold for us. Human innovation has reached new heights and might coincide with dark human instincts of fear, anxiety, and criminal state of mind. 

The show portrays our black mirrors as a mimic of our personalities. What we surf on our mobile phones and social media depicts our personality, and the technology along with AI would be able to program our duplicates following how we behave having our phones with us. The advancement of technology seems exciting, but it can be equally dangerous. Find out more by watching the show available on Netflix


Searching is an Indonesian mystery/thriller film directed by Anees Chaganti, starring John Cho as David Kim. In the movie, David Kim’s daughter Margot goes missing. He then makes efforts confined to the technological screens to find her. He breaks into her laptop, goes through her social media accounts, and communicates with her friends to find clues on where she might go. During his search, he makes some staggering discoveries that takes the plot of the movie to another world.

The story somehow reflects the truth of the current state of humanity and unravels what might be the dark side of technology. During his search, David came across several realities about his daughter that even he didn’t know. It is what we see and observe nowadays. The personalities portrayed on the internet can be the complete opposite of the actual personality. Margot’s father was astonished and completely unaware of the internet Margot. In the movie, some astounding revelations create thrill and suspense. Verily, internet identities are far away from reality.


This 2-hour documentary is based on the way Cambridge Analytica symbolized the dark side of social media during the 2016 U.S presidential elections. The scandal shook the Americans to their core. These type of scandals exist and are a serious threat to independence and democracy. Documentary sheds light on the chain of events that made headlines during the U.S elections in 2016. The story revolves around the fact that with the advancement of technology, our data is not even safe with us. Our data can be used as a weapon against us. The tech giants design algorithms that are not fulfilling ethical standards and can be a source of great danger to the world. This documentary is directed by Amer and Noujiam Kaiser and is available on Netflix.


In the documentary “Screened Out”, filmmaker John Hyatt talks to his audience i.e. parents, children, and experts about the consequences of screen addiction. It is the problem nowadays as people cannot resist using their smartphones, and they have become addicted to it. The documentary portrays the aftermaths and deadly consequences that could come as a result of screen addiction, like the effect on health and social relationships. All in all, it is a really good watch.

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