Neuralink is a 21st century gadget that can be inserted inside your brain.

Think of controlling everything around you with your brain. Matilda from old school Roald Dahl’s novel used to do that. That gifted girl used to move items just by the help for her brain. Elon Musk’s Neuralink gives you the ability to do something similar. To emphasize, it increases the capability of human brain and allows him to do functions without using any other organ of his body. This article covers all you need to know about Neuralink.


Neuralink is a 21st century gadget that can be inserted inside your brain. Yes! With the help of neurosurgeon robotics, this gadget gets right inside your head. To illustrate, a chip called link is engraved in your skull. Moreover, it consists of several insulated wires which are further connected to electrodes. Once the process is complete, an individual becomes capable of operating his mobile phone and computer without being physically in contact with them, i.e. merely by brain power.


Neuralink complements the way a human brain works. A human brain transmits signals to different parts of the body through its neuron. Each neuron in our brain consists of three parts: dendrite, soma and axon. Dendrite forms a signal and soma processes it. While the axon is entitled to transmit that signal to different cells and body parts. Likewise, Neuralink, with the help of electrodes, reads those signals and processes it inside itself. Then, it outputs those signals in the form of actions or movements. Besides, the reason Neuralink is inserted inside the head is that if it would have been installed at the outer part, the accuracy of reading and processing signals would not have been there.


Neuralink can be a breakthrough in tech and medical fields. It can cure severe diseases like Parkinsons. Moreover, Elon Musk believes that with Neuralink, he can help paralyzed people, or the ones with spinal cord injury to stand on their feet again. Most importantly, the testing phase on animals such as pigs and monkeys are complete and successful, and Musk has hinted towards testing it on humans very soon. According to the brief, Neuralink is very safe device and can also be easily removed.

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