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Nike Vs Adidas

The world is full of competition. You leave your seat for a second, and it is occupied within a blink of an eye. We see competitors everywhere, in sports, studies, businesses, celebrities, etc. And when these competitions encapsulate ferociousness, we call them rivalries. Talking of companies, there is a rivalry between greats in each industry. Microsoft versus Apple, Coca-cola versus Pepsi, Mcdonalds versus Burger King, you name them. So, let’s have a dig into the greatest rivalry in the footwear industry, the topic of every friend circle, every sneaker-enthusiast group Nike Vs Adidas.


Adolf Dassler initiated Adidas. Along with his brother Rudolf Dassler, he formed “The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.” The vision of this company was to cater to the needs of athletes playing different sports. Adolf had a great interest in sports, so he knew the dynamics of other sports and the requirements of sportspeople regarding footwear. For 25 years, both brothers created sports-oriented shoes, and they became the largest footwear company in Europe. However, in 1949, both brothers had a dispute and parted ways. Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolph started Puma. Both these companies are amongst the leading shareholders to date! 

Nike, on the other hand, was based in North America. It was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phill Knight and was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports. BRS worked as a distributor for a Japanese Shoemaker, Onitsuka Tiger. In 1971, BRS parted ways with Tiger, launched its first line of shoes having the ‘SWOOSH,’ and became known as Nike. The famous “Just Do it” tagline came in 1988. Today, Nike is the largest sports apparel brand in the world.


Adidas’ revenue is much smaller as compared to Nike. However, in the last five years, Adidas has performed well in the market and given tough competition to Nike. The average annual growth has been over 17% in the previous five years. With the introduction of Adidas Neo and Originals, the company is leading the race in the sports market. The best thing about Adidas is its great regard for innovation by purpose, i.e., bringing what they need to the customer. Quality has been a benchmark, which is why there is significant brand loyalty with Adidas despite Nike being the best brand. Since 2018, Adidas has been spending aggressively on its marketing, resulting in a 2.3% growth in 2019. However, 2020 and 2021 haven’t been incredible years for the company. The pandemic repercussions have stagnated the company’s revenue by 15%.

On the other hand, Nike has been head to head with Adidas in terms of growth. Since 2015, Nike’s revenue has been about 60% more than Adidas’s. The advertising expense of Nike is about 10% of its total revenue, compared with 14% of Adidas. But one thing that stands out with Nike is its attractive advertising with to-the-point emotional appeal. As with Adidas, pandemic years have been tough for Nike too. However, the company has seen a more than 50% increase in its digital sales.


Both of these companies have been in the limelight due to their endorsements by superstars. In Nike vs Adidas, both have been very active in providing sponsorships to well-known superstars from sports and showbiz. Kanye West is one of them. He was with Nike but later shifted to Adidas. The European company got a boost with this switch as many fans came with him. Other notable names who endorse/endorsed Adidas are David Beckham, Novak Djokovic, Pharrel Williams, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner, and Beyonce.

On the other hand, Team Nike is more extensive and full of superstars. Start footballer Christiano Ronaldo and the greatest basketball player ever to step on the pitch, Michael Jordan, are the biggest stars. Late Kobe Bryant was also with Nike later in his career. Drake, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are other notable names. 


So, which side are you on? In the Nike vs. Adidas clash? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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