Politics :The Competition Of Power


When Russia launched an assault on Ukraine in February, speculations regarding a possible World War 3 were all over the place. With sanctions on Russia and the involvement of NATO, the threat was at its highest. The situation seems under control at present, but to rule out the war isn’t wise as of yet due to politics and political stategies. This article covers the different aspects that have helped evolve the threat of a possible World War 3.


The military condition in Ukraine has not settled yet. With the fact that a good number of countries in the world have nuclear weapons. No one knows when and where who will use these weapons. Will North Korea descend over Japan? Or will India bombard Pakistan? Anyways, let’s not go into that debate. The point of focus here is NATO and Russia. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised a geostrategic risk and political advantage.

Moreover, the risk tends to increase more with the sanctions applied by NATO over Russia. Because Russia is one of the largest oil producers and has been supplying energy to Europe, the sanctions have raised supply concerns. Russia can play this energy card, and the threat of world war 3 may increase. 


Another extremely huge problem is the food shortage all over the world. This condition can lead to civil unrest and, probably, world war 3. The threat of food shortage is already hovering over the Middle East and the less privileged areas of Africa. Russia and Ukraine are still locking horns, and the solutions with Iran and North Korea are delayed. Whereas Srilanka has already defaulted, major players like Pakistan and Argentina might go into default soon. The people aren’t happy with their respective governments in these countries. History states that countries with these conditions use military and politics tactics to win public support. So, we never know which country makes the first move and the whole world chips in


The world seems to be divided into two blocs, the U.S and the China-Russia bloc. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and Chinese tensions with Taiwan are some flashes of what we may see shortly. NATO is trying its best to include more and more countries in their alliance, as the recent inclusion of Finland and Sweden. On the other hand, Russia and Iran are getting close together, with Turkey being the mediator. Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s presence in Russia during the Ukraine invasion raised many questions. Soon he was ousted by the alliance of political parties in Pakistan, which he termed a foreign conspiracy facilitated by the USA politics. Although America has denied the allegations, we can still somehow match the dots with all that has happened. All in all, one thing is extremely clear. World war 3, if it happens, will be broader and the deadliest compared to the previous two. 

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