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UEFA Champions League is the biggest football club tournament in Europe, where all the top teams from different leagues participate every year. The competition has been taking place for decades, and every year brings unmatched entertainment for the fans. However, no club has been able to win three UCLs in a row…..apart from Real Madrid. The Spanish club holds the record of winning the Champions League three-peat, in 2016, 2017, and 2018. This article has all it took for Madrid to make this record.


During this era, Zidane as Real Madrid’s coach/manager. And this is where the club dominated the world of football. Zidane does not get appreciated as much as he should have been. He was the one who understood the dynamics of the club and the strength of the players. He pulled off the perfect combination that took the club to new heights. For instance, he dropped Isco for Casemiro in midfield, and the results were astounding. The BBC trio at the front consisting of Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, and Cristiano Ronaldo was epic.

Moreover, Zidane emphasized his players’ fitness. He had a philosophy that a team that runs fast for a longer time would win. He hired a fitness coach for the club, and the results were what the viewers saw on their big screens. During his tenure, Real Madrid was the fittest club out of all, with a small bunch of players regularly featuring in each game.


One thing that Real Madrid improved during this time 2016-2018 was its record away from home. It gave them a massive advantage over other teams. Traditionally, football clubs are difficult to beat on their home grounds, but RMA raised eyebrows. They broke Bayern FC’s 16 game win-streak at home in the 2017 quarterfinals. Moreover, Juventus FC’s 27 match streak was also ended by Real Madrid. Real Madrid was the team to beat, whether at home or away from home. The clubs dreamt of winning at Santiago Bernabeu, while Madrid went and defeated them at their fortresses.


It seems cliché, but it is true. To win any game, a team needs the luck to be on its side. A clear goal miss, or a penalty chance at a crucial moment, or a VAR decision in your favor can simply turn the game. Real Madrid had the luck goddess smiling on them during their three-peat. Their effort and gameplay are undeniable, but to say that there was no luck involved is incorrect. So, fate played an important part in Real Madrid’s domination in the Champions League. 

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