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Facebook partnered with  Ray-Ban, one of the world’s leading eye-ware brands for its first pair of smart glasses. The branding of smart glasses was done with the name Ray-Ban stories. The new smart glasses came with functions similar to that of Snapchat’s Spectacles. The goal is to relieve people using their phones to capture every moment; the glasses will do it for you. Mark Zuckerberg himself states that; “a future where phones are not a central part of our lives”.


The Ray-Ban stories allow users to capture pictures and videos through it’s attached two 5 megapixel cameras. The users can access their pictures and videos through an application named Facebook view. Moreover, they can also share it on their social media accounts. The content can be shared not only on Facebook-owned apps like Messenger and WhatsApp but also on non-Facebook apps like Snapchat and Twitter. To capture videos or pictures, you are required to press or hold the button attached to the side. You can also simply do it through voice commands. Apart from that, the Facebook smart glasses are equipped with microphones and speakers. It allows the user to attend calls, respond to voice messages and listen to music. The price of Ray-Ban stories in the market is $499.


One of Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate aims is to create a Facebook metaverse. The ‘metaverse’  is expected to involve Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The Ray-ban stories was therefore expected to be equipped with AR. But according to the latest announcement, it does not. However, these glasses are termed as a stepping stone towards the development of more wearable products that may be equipped with Augmented reality.


Google stepped into the field of smart glasses with its Google Glass, but created some privacy concerns. It was considered unethical to take pictures and videos of other people without their consent or permission. It faced a lot of criticism and was even banned in some areas. On the other hand, Facebook has kept privacy in mind while designing its new smart glasses. The glasses come with a warning LED light, which lights up when a user takes a photo or records a video so that other people may know.


Those who bought the glasses or have used them have a unanimous opinion of ‘do more’. Facebook’s ultimate aim of introducing smart glasses is to replace mobile phones. But the question is that whether these glasses can be a perfect substitute. The answer yet is, unfortunately, no.  Firstly, the camera quality is just 5 megapixels. The sub-standard and not-good-enough phones have better qualities. You can carry your phone everywhere you can carry these smart glasses. Moreover, the microphone and speaker purpose can be fulfilled with wireless handsfree just like AirPods. The warning LED light is not too sharp, and most of the times people might just ignore it. However, on the good side, the design is really good. Unlike Snapchat Spectacles, the Ray-Ban stories are just like any other Ray-Ban wayfarers. 

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