Smartphone addiction is one of the most significant problems in the current era. We can't stay away from our smartphones for long

Smartphone addiction is one of the most significant problems in the current era. We can’t stay away from our smartphones for long. The reason is the way these devices have hooked us with them. We use smartphones for daily communication, work-related functions, entertainment purposes, and even to keep a daily check on our health. The non-stop innovations and ever-growing features have made our smartphones a one-stop solution for all the problems we face in our daily life routine. But, the growing addiction to anything is not good, and smartphones are even worse. One of the proven techniques is the gray-scale method to reduce this addiction.


Smartphone addiction is widespread nowadays, mostly in young adults and teenagers. This addiction keeps them away from all sorts of physical activities, affecting their health. Moreover, increased screen-time is causing problems like migraine, headaches, eye strain etc. In the past few years, cases of stress and depression have also increased, with smartphones termed as the most probable cause.


With our lives hooked up in that little hand-held device, is there a way of getting rid of it? Yes, there is. Let’s understand that particular phenomenon keeps us so stuck to our screens. It’s the attractiveness, or colours, to be precise. The app developers design their apps to start relating to its colours and textures and eventually become addicted. The Gray-scale method takes all the blooms off your life. It takes you back to the 20th century James Bond era, where everything used to be black and white. Yes, a feature in your smartphones, both Android and Ios, allows you to turn that grey mode on. By doing this, all those eye-catching applications start looking dull and grey. Your brain now no longer find the colours and textures and features interesting. It’s a psychological fact that if the colour is taken off your life, your life becomes monotonous.


In your Ios devices, you can turn the gray-scale mode on by the following steps:

1) Open the Settings app

2) Click on ‘General’ and then ‘Accessibility.’

3) In the ‘Vision’ section, you will find ‘greyscale’. Click that.

In your Android devices, you can turn gray-scale by following steps:

1) Go to ‘About Device’ and tap on ‘Build Number’ several times until it tells that you are a developer.

2) In the settings, you will find ‘Developer Options.

3) Inside it, go to ‘Stimulate Colour Space’ and choose ‘Monochrome’.

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