Spacex Vs Blue Origin

Having barbeque in space is one of our wildest fantasies ever. To think of a place beyond our Earth and what it might contain shakes us to the core. Would it be aliens or other species living the way just like we do? However, traveling to space is no longer just a fantasy but is turning into an everyday reality. Space travel has got commercial, and some companies can get you to space and explore what is there within. Two companies leading the commercial space industry are SpaceX and Blue Origin.


The Blue Origin came into being in 2000, founded by none other than E-Commerce King Jeff Bezos. On the other hand, SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk in 2002. And you know that if these two personalities come into competition with each other, the industry will take a boom. This article is all about the competition between these two space giant companies.


The first difference between Blue Origin and SpaceX is their purpose. The latter’s central vision and mission is to go into space and unearth what’s still hidden. However, Blue Origin stands with Bezos’s mission to colonize outer space. The primary motivation behind Blue Origin is to send humans out into outer space and preserve Earth’s depleting resources. Both companies aim to provide internet at each corner of Earth with the help of mini-satellites. Musk has mentioned colonizing Mars as a backup if something happens to Earth. 


SpaceX is ahead of everyone in sending humans to outer space. It has reached the maximum altitude of 363 miles already! Farthest than any human being has ever been in terms of height. On the other hand, Blue Origin has managed the maximum altitude of 66.5 miles as of yet. The top speed for Blue Origin has been 2,234 mph yet by New Shephard Rocket, while SpaceX has achieved a feat of 24,600 mph maximum speed. The longest flight time for Blue Origin has only been 10 minutes, while SpaceX can have a flight duration of several months. Both of these companies have excellent safety records as there has never been a loss of life due to space operations. 


SpaceX is ahead of Blue Origin in several factors. The reason is that Elon Musk is very much interested in his space projects and has given a lot of emphasis on improvements and innovations. His vision and expedients have made SpaceX the industry leader, ahead of everyone. 

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