squid game

Squid Game has been the talk of the town for the past couple of weeks. A Korean web series directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk has shattered all the previous records. Squid Game appeared at number 1 in Netflix’s top 10 list across 90 countries. If you haven’t yet seen it, you must have heard about it. Netflix co-CEO claims that this might become the biggest show ever. 

The theme of this show is not something original. It’s just games with a simple formula; either win or die. But what makes this show at another level is its execution. We have broken down some fundamental reasons that make Squid Game a global success. 


Korea has exported its culture. The K-dramas and K-pop are already ruling the charts amongst audiences all around the world. People see Korea as one of the best production houses. Arts and media have flourished in recent years, primarily due to the BTS fandom. Squid Game came with that essence in it, and the audience welcomed it with open hands. 


The web series reached heights of success due to its simplicity. The show doesn’t have any complex plots or stories. The concept was straightforward, 456 players, five games, one winner. All the game participants are dressed in identical tracksuits, and the discipline followed is very school-like. The games played are traditional child games to which a lot of people can relate. However, death is a factor added to it, involving some brutal scenes.

All in all, Squid Game keeps a person engaged with its beautifully executed concept. The supervisors are all in a similar red suit, with masks on their faces. None of the organizers reveal their faces, and the game is kept a secret. The shapes on their masks resemble buttons on a PlayStation controller. All these simple tactics were the main reason for such high viewership.


The whole show was based on a single setting, well, most of it—a game hall, with a kindergarten staircase and a room to sleep with beds like bonkers. A single environment helps the audience to relate with the characters and the show more nicely, as they get used to it.

All in all, a beautiful script and tremendously put together. Koreans are on their way to ruling the entertainment industry; Hollywood should watch out. You can find Squid game on Netflix.

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