Stranger Things

Three years and an equal number of Covid-19 waves later, Stranger Things is back! On the popular online streaming platform, season 4 of Netflix’s original came out on May 27, 2022. However, two more episodes of this super exciting season are still lined up for July 1, which will mark the end of season 4 and, luckily, not the show overall. The Duffer Brothers’ production is set to gain new fans with arguably one of the best Stranger Things seasons.


The most exciting part of season 4 is the return of Hawkin’s former police chief, Jim Hopper. In the previous season, which came out in 2019, Hopper disappeared while fighting the mysterious machine, and a popular opinion suggested that he sacrificed his life-saving Hawkins from the demons of upside down. However, the teaser of season 4 showed glimpses of a bald American in a Russian jail, which confirmed the loved police chief’s continuation in the story. 


Jane Hopper, a.k.a Eleven, goes on to live her life with Joyce, Will and Jonathan Bayers in California. Eleven doesn’t retrieve her powers back and faces difficulty living this new suite of life. Back home at Hawkins, the citizens face a new threat, a threat of Vecna. A new demon emerges upside down and curses the peaceful citizens of Hawkins, killing them unmercifully. Eleven is taken to the lab for a shot at bringing her powers back. At the same time, the usual crew jolt their heads together to unearth the possibilities of diminishing this new curse.


Season 4 of Stranger Things is the scariest of all the previous seasons. The actors themselves acknowledged the uneasiness audience might feel streaming the show. However, the best news is that the two episodes released in July won’t be the last of the show. Writers have confirmed that Stranger Things will have a finale season 5 that hopefully caters to all the unanswered questions. Meanwhile, grab your popcorn and head toward Netflix to binge-watch the first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4.

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