great resignation

Pandemic has not only changed the lifestyle but the mindset of people as well. This article is about the changing dynamics of the corporate sector. Around four million workers are resigning from their jobs every month in America. You read it right, FOUR FREAKING MILLION! At any other time, this situation is too good for the economy as it opens up new job openings. However, at this time, the US is under the worst recession of its history due to Covid-19. These resignations are not doing any good. But why are people doing so? Have they earned way too much? The answer is the mindset. This pandemic helped these workers to spend more time with themselves and realize their worth. Now people are looking for more money, flexibility, and more happiness in their jobs.


Covid-19 has made people realize what they were missing out on due to working for so long. For instance, if a person working in the IT field gave his 60 hours to the company every week, the break during the pandemic showed him all that he was missing. He probably got a chance to spend more time with his family, hit the gym, and do picnics. It made him realize that he has been spending the major chunk of his life working, and life’s not too long. This way, that person quit his job and started working on other skills that would lend him a job where he has to work for a lesser time. Let’s name this person Mr. X. Today, in America, thousands of Mr. X(s) are quitting jobs to find more flexibility in their working schedules.


The majority of these quitters have been those working in restaurants, casinos, bars, and pubs. These jobs are not being paid much in America. Moreover, this industry has been in constant closures since the start of the pandemic. In addition to this, there are safety concerns for those working there since they have to deal with all types of customers. There have been cases of restaurant workers catching novel coronavirus and infecting their families as well. Due to these reasons, a lot of workers working in this industry resigned from their jobs. 


This pandemic brought in a work-from-home culture. Following that, the employees/workers/job-oriented people realized the benefits of working remotely. You don’t need to be on-site every single day. Nowadays, workers in America are trying to find more opportunities to work remotely to spend more time at home. Freelancing culture is also on a boom, where you can work when you want and at the place you want. People are realizing their value and do not want to be tied in office chains. Thus, the great resignation is what we see.

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