The Line : Saudia’s Linear City

the line

Science and technology keep giving new surprises each passing day. And when the element of wealth adds to it, the overall result becomes even more significant, and weirder. We are witnessing a similar phenomenon in Saudi Arabia. After announcing the future city ‘Neom,’ King Mohammed Bin Salman announced “The Line.” It will be designed as a vertical city covered in mirrors, with all the latest technological advancements. 


Mohammed Bin Salman is an ambitious ruler and loves spending money on things that might increase his credibility. He has promised his future city “Neom” to be enriched with all the futuristic technologies one can imagine. From cloud seeding to artificial moon, Neom is expected to have it all. All of this is true but not very easy. Experts and critics have criticized the idea, and reports have exhibited numerous problems that could occur due to this idea. In addition to this, a lot of local tribe members have been forced to relocate for the completion of these projects. But, Mohammed Bin Salman is keen to make these projects a reality and calls them “my pyramids.” The proposed height and length of the vertical city “The Line” is 500 meters and 170 kilometers, respectively.


The new mirrored city “The Line” will look like a vast dystopian wall in the desert. It will have two buildings running parallel to each other, divided into neighborhoods. Moreover, the city will have a bunch of futuristic technologies we have only heard about and seen in sci-fi movies yet. Some of these are autonomous harvesting vegetables and running high-speed trains inside a mirrored building. The Wall Street Journal has some more details about the proposed project. According to reports, King Mohammed Bin Salman has announced a budget of $500 billion and is very keen to spend it.       


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