The Silent Sea

Korea continues to shine at Netflix. This new revolution of K-dramas at the popular streaming site is turning out to be highly profitable. “The Silent Sea” is yet another Korean masterpiece. Staged at the moon, the concept and thrill of this thriller-cum mystery are set to keep you glued to your screens for a long. This article has covered all you need to know about the Netflix series “The Silent Sea.”


The plot of The Silent Sea is set in 2075. A team of highly qualified scientists, astronomers, space professionals, engineers, and doctors are sent to the moon to save the Earth from depleting resources. In the background, the Earth faces massive depletion of its natural resources. The team is on a mission to recover the “mysterious sample” on the moon from an abandoned research facility. However, little did they know that this honorable journey to save the Earth was a disaster. Their quest for answers to Earth’s problems created more questions for themselves. 


The series features South Korean actress Bae Doona in the lead role. She is known for her roles in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Sense8, Kingdom, and The Host. She plays the role of an astrobiologist name Song Jian. Moreover, Squid Game actors Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-tae are also a part of this beyond-space series. Lee Joon, Kis Sun-young, Lee Moo-Saeng, and Sung-Wook are among the artists on the show. 


The visual effects, the direction, and the setting all have been on the spot. People are absolutely loving the Korean revolution on Netflix. The narrative keeps you engaged but is very slow-paced. Moreover, the casting has been a letdown apart from the lead actors. One may argue the lack of X-Factor in the show, which doesn’t carry as much importance but stays in the memories. All in all, a really good show to binge-watch if you are craving a good weekend night.

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