The Uber File Leaks

uber leaks

Latest from the world of controversies is the recent leaked documents from Uber. World’s number one ride-hailing company has been brought under scrutiny after about 124,000 confidential documents were leaked to the Guardian on Sunday. These documents belonged to the Uber files, an investigation on the company’s aggressive entrance into numerous cities barring laws and regulations. The files contain evidences of how Uber used technology to manipulate regulations, and courted top political personnel for their benefit. 


Uber had an aggressive push at markets around the world. The files dictate that the ride-hailing company went an extra mile to make this happen. The company lobbied several top political leaders to ease up taxi laws and regulations, making their service a global success. These top political leaders include France’s Emmanuel Macron, who relaxed labor and taxi laws for Uber. The company’s lobbyists also includes aides to former president Barack Obama. The company forced government leaders and officials to rewrite tax laws and stop investigations, such as tax bills, background checks of drivers etc.


Uber was founded in 2009. The aim was to provide inexpensive rides and change the dynamics of public taxi transport. Now, to expand into a number of different countries, company had to take different ways. The files state that Uber used its stealth technology to block access of their servers for the authorities. They called this technology as “kill switch.” Uber used this technology to block the servers during raids in at least six countries, which could have collected evidences against them. According to Uber files, the former CEO Travis Kalanick issued an order to “hit the kill switch ASAP” during a police raid at Amsterdam. The consortium also revealed that Kalanick saw taxi drivers’ violent protest against Uber as an opportunity to gain public support. Moreover, the files say that Uber cut their tax bills by millions of dollars through unjust means. They did this by sending profits through several tax heavens such as Bermuda. 

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