“Save to invest. Don’t save to save. The only reason to save money is to invest it.”

Let’s take Grant Cardone’s million-dollar line as the hook of an article that can make you a millionaire, just like him. The investment culture is gradually emerging out of a conceived box. More and more people, especially youngsters are getting involved. Why shouldn’t they be? Being an investor gives you a unique identity. Apart from a source of income and the best utilization of your savings, you get to be in the line of some of the greatest names of the universe; like Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bill Ackman, and the list goes on…

There are two types of people in the world, one who save money and the others who don’t. In the ones who save, there are further two categories. Those who stack their savings, and the others who invest and try to maximize it. The world knows a lot of the second types, i.e. the investors, but no one knows the saving stackers. Indeed, investment often involves risk, and people do go broke, but some of these negatives cannot undermine its numerous positives. Investment is for challengers, and a good investor is the one that finds a way to invest with minimal risk. You can research these minimal risk techniques and the art of investing by reading good investment books. Here’s the link to our article “Top 5 Books on Investment” that will help you find some.

This article is about “Top 5 best investments” which will help you to choose the option that suits you best.


Real Estate is the best form of investment with about 14.7% returns in Pakistan. If you have a good amount of cash at your back end, go for real estate investment without a second thought. This type of investment is related to property dealings, buy and sell, and rental properties. Some people invest in vacant lands as well. The idea is to buy a certain property, residential or commercial in most cases, and sell it out when the value goes up, or rent it out. This type of investment negates the effect of inflation to a great extent. One of the disadvantages is that real estate investment is not liquid, so if you are investing in real estate, keep a good amount of cash in reserve. For more, read our article “Real Estate Investment”.


Investment in metals, especially gold and silver is one of the most popular investments. Traditionally, people buy expensive jewelry or gold coins and store them as an asset. The prices of these precious metals tend to rise now and then. There has been a 50% increase in the price of gold in the last 5 years. These metals are bought and kept at homes, lockers, safes, etc. 

The other way of investing in gold is the digital gold investment. Digital gold trading is done online, and the gold you buy is kept in safe vaults. Storing gold physically can impose a threat of theft or damage, while digital gold saves you from this concern. Moreover, digital gold is much better in terms of liquidity as compared to physical gold. The quality, price, and insurance, everything is guaranteed, and the best part is that there are no making charges.


The stock market is where a lot of well-known investors made their name. It is a platform where companies sell their shares, and when investors buy them, they become shareholders. When the stocks perform well, they can be sold at a higher amount, and the investor earns a profit. Seems pretty straightforward? Well, it isn’t. To succeed in the stock market, every step that you take must be calculated. You should have proper knowledge of how the process works, and figure out the best performing and worst-performing stocks. The following video will explain to you 7 investing principles from investment giant Warren Buffet.

You can invest in your country’s local stock market or could go for the Nasdaq-100 index. This market has shares of the best 100 companies in the world like Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, etc. The investors wishing to get a go at the Nasdaq-100 index must know how to commit. The market is very liquid in terms of cash conversion.


Cryptocurrency has emerged as some dynamic revolution in recent years. Guess what? Cryptocurrency is now legal in most parts of the world, and people are already earning from it. Crypto is a very volatile market with constant ups and downs, which makes it a very interesting market. Coins like Bitcoin, Etherium, and BNB are making really good grounds, but they also face a bearish market or a recession. To succeed in Cryptocurrency investment, just like other investments, you should be a fast learner and able to commit. Cryptocurrency is liquid and can be easily converted to cash. For more information about the best cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, read our pieces “Top 5 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in 2021” and “Top 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021”.


The best investment for people who want to start with low capital. Investment bonds are issued by the government for a certain period, and after the period ends, you win prizes if you are lucky. Before that period ends, these bonds can be used for payments instead of cash. These bonds can be held for a long period as well, and can always be resold. The returns are really good on investment bonds if you manage to hold these for years and finally win a prize. Now for that, you will have to revise your probability concepts! Just kidding. A really good investment with little or no risk involved.

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