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Personal Development Books

Personal development and self-improving are two expressions that we often hear. What is personal development? It is a process through which a person assesses his skills and qualities, and execute them in order to determine his aims and goals. This process has no stopping, and it goes on as long as the person lives. A person who does not go through this process gets left behind in this swiftly moving world. Thus, self-improving is necessary at every walk of life. An individual should keep learning and developing his character. In this piece, we have covered top 5 books on personal development that you can read to get an idea of how this thing works.


This book by S.J. Stock revolves around incorporating small habits into your personality that can do wonders to your character development. This book has 127 small tasks and daily things to do that can help you in stacking these good habits. And the best part is, most of these habits require less than five minutes to acquire! The only problem is that including new habits into daily routine are very time-consuming. Habit stacking is the one-stop solution for this and many other problems. Read this book now to find out more.

Self-motivation can make you work extra mile. Sometimes, a person has all the skills in the world to complete a task, but he lacks that extra kick to make him the best in his field. Edward L. Deci’sWhy We Do What We Do” is that extra kick. This book is all about finding motivation, and make you self-motivated. Once you become self-motivated, success follows. Deci exhibits all the Whats, Whys and Hows that help you develop that ignite in your ownselves. Read this book today to find out more.

Is your schedule very hectic? Do you feel that your everyday routine is tough and not organized? Or do you procrastinate a lot? If you wish to find solutions to all these mentioned problems, David Allen’s book is your answer. This book allows you to plan through all these hectic workarounds and chaotic schedules. Getting Things Done gets you organized and gives you solutions. A must read book, indeed.

An inspiring story by Pat Flynn is all that you need to overcome all the troubles that come in between your job. Pat is not an author by profession. He is an architect who shifted to online platform when architecture business went rough. He shares all the problems and challenges he faced, and the way he negated those is truly an inspiration. You can read this book, and even watch Pat’s podcasts to get more insight of how well this person has developed. 

Napolean Hill’s masterpiece is all about getting rich, mentally. Yes, it is all about positive thinking. The book was written in 1937, but still is pretty much relatable. This book includes all the decision taking processes, including planning. This book pertains knowledge about how to not only care about material gains, but also the direction of thoughts. If your thoughts are aligned in a positive direction, you are rich. Read this book to find out more.  

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