You must’ve been in skills versus degree conversation at least once by now. We at Alpha Informs take a diplomatic approach. The degree is equally vital as a skill as it lands you a job. However, skill is what makes your progress. But this is not the topic of our discussion. In this article, our focus is on the skill part.

Your mentors, teachers, and guides must have emphasized learning skills along with your education. Whenever inquired on what specific skills we should make a part of our portfolio, the most heard answer is where your interest lies. Now here’s the problem. A lot of aspiring individuals are confused about what skills to adapt to. They are unaware of the most demanded skills and their benefits. Therefore, we have covered the top 5 skills in 2021 so that your decision-making process becomes easy.



“Technology is the future” is an outdated statement. Technology is the present. Development, production, websites, applications, and much more lie in technology. All of this requires coding. The skill that teaches you coding in different languages and software development is called Software Enhancement. With the rise and development of technology, many tech, and IT companies have come to being, who hire software enhancement experts. Thus, this skill is in huge demand and can guarantee a long-term job. So, if you are interested in software-related stuff, pursue this skill.


Cloud computing phenomena allow the delivery of different services through the internet. The resources include storage, databases, networks, software, etc. Nowadays, several tech companies and businesses have converted their infrastructures into the cloud. Worth mentioning names are Google, Amazon, and Apple. Since these companies are trendsetters and others are to follow sooner or later, individuals who know cloud computing are in long-term demand. Since there aren’t many cloud computing experts, it is one of the highest-paid skills in the world.


As my stats teacher says, the most valuable thing for every business in the world is data. A famous advertising technique is to collect the consumer’s data and focus on individual marketing. It allows enterprises to properly check their performance and have a complete catalog of their sales. But to have this feature, companies hire data analysts. Therefore, this skill is very likely to land you a job. And that too at an excellent pay rate. Go for this skill if you understand mathematics and are well off with statistics. 


AI is a household name nowadays. In layman language, it’s about robots and robotics. Well, it is more than that. A skill that does not have a lot of experts at the moment and is undoubtedly the future. AI is considered one of the most demanded skills in the next five years. The best part is that it is fascinating. Go for this skill if it excites you, and be a part of the revolutionary tech future.


Police are as important as a production company. Security is as important as service. Likewise, Cybersecurity is an essential skill in the IT world. A lot of companies that deal with customer data require Cybersecurity experts to keep the data secure. Nowadays, data theft has been on the rise, as data is the most valuable asset. This skill is, therefore, highly demanded.

Moreover, if you pursue this skill, you might also have high-profile national state security level jobs. Cybersecurity’s importance is now understood and recognized at national and governmental levels. So go for this skill and be a part of a prestigious group.

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