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Freelancing is to be self-employed, i.e. you don’t need to be employed by a certain firm on a monthly or yearly salary to earn your living. Freelancing allows you to work according to your will. You can work what you like, for those you like, and for as much time you like.

It is said that by 2030, freelancers will constitute 80% of the world’s population.  So, if you are curious about how this freelancing phenomenon works, you are at the right place! If you are someone who has created his/her portfolio and is searching for some freelance jobs, you have clicked the right link!

In this piece, you will find the top 5 freelancing sites in 2021, where you can find jobs based on your skills and expertise.


Fiverr is a freelancing website where you can find a diverse category of jobs listed. Business owners hire freelancers on this site to perform tasks according to their needs. You can register here for free and get started straight away.

Below are some important terminologies used on Fiverr that you should know:

  • Sellers: Freelancers who offer their services are called sellers.
  • Buyers: Business owners who hire these freelancers are called buyers.
  • Gigs: The services that sellers provide are called gigs 

If you are a seller, you have to first register yourself on Fiverr. Next, you will need to create a gig. After, the buyer will browse and select your gig if he wishes to hire you.

The art to sell on Fiverr lies in your ability to create a catchy gig. There are hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr and not all of them get hired. Make sure that your gig presents your services in such a way that it compels the buyer to hire you. There are a lot of tutorials available online where you can learn to create a captivating gig. 

Moreover, you can set your desired prices in your gig. If you are a newbie, it is advised to keep lower prices and increase your seller level.

Fiverr charges a 20% commission on every service you perform. The payment process takes up to 2 weeks. In addition to this, you can use debit/credit cards and PayPal for payment procedures.

Upwork is another freelancing platform where freelancers are connected with sellers. There are a diverse variety of jobs available on Upwork.

Freelancers can find jobs in two ways. Either they post their services, or they bid on the jobs posted by clients. First of all, Create a profile on Upwork. Make sure you mention all your skills, expertise, experience, and minute details about yourself in your profile as the clients will go through your profile before hiring you. 

Upwork charges 20% on your first $500. As you work more, Upwork’s commission gets decreasing according to its sliding scale. Moreover, you can use direct transfer and Paypal for your payment procedures.

People per hour is one of the most popular freelancing websites. There are millions of freelancers on this website offering different services.

People per hour allows freelancers to work for businesses on an hourly or project basis. Firstly, you have to create an account free of cost and set up your profile. Next, the profile is sent for approval. Finally, once approved, you can seek clients and provide your services.

People per Hour allows 15 free bids per month. It charges a 20% commission on the first $350, and the commission keeps decreasing with increasing work. 


At Guru, there are millions of freelancers and clients making positive working relations with each passing day.

Guru gives you job recommendations based on your skillset once you set up your profile. Next, you can bid for projects and provide a fixed price for your services. Guru offers paid memberships that give you extra tools to make your profile compelling.

Guru’s stand-out feature is ensuring timely payments to freelancers. Methods to receive earnings include wire transfer and Paypal.


If you are a designer and wish to freelance your services, 99design is the best platform for you.

At this freelancing website, millions of designers connect with clients and find jobs.  First, you will have to sign up and create your profile. Next, the website will assess your profile and assign you a designer level, on basis of which your profile will be ranked on the website.

99design charges an introductory fee of $100 on each work you get through the website. The payment methods on this site are Paypal and Payoneer. 

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